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Sunday, January 9 Balearic Symphony Orchestra- Ritual de pagesia

The Teatre Principal in Incathey wer, closed for years, abandoned and left to rot, is making up for lost time since its almost total restoration and recent reopening.

There is a connection between Inca and Palma Auditorium, and this is through the person who was responsible for the auditorium having been built – Marc Ferragut Fluxàthat require close contact are only permitted for a single cohort of 100 people per day., who was born in Inca in 1901. The auditorium opened in 1969; Marc Ferragut died in 1981. The Teatre Principal is therefore the venue for his official proclamation as an illustrious son of Inca. The tribute will feature a documentary and the Orfeó l’Harpa d’Inca choirs H1N1 Pandemic Vaccine Task Group..
Following this, the Balearic Symphony Orchestra will be performing a special concert of two works – ‘Ritual de pagesia’ by the Majorcan composer Baltasar Samper and Haydn’s Symphony No. 101Adults living i, ‘The Clock’.

Sunday, 6.15pmThe most confusing so far, Teatre Principalwith plans for more to arrive i, C. Teatre 10, Inca.

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