Climate can wait- French election campaign ignores

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Climate can wait: French election campaign ignores ‘humanity’s greatest challenge’ - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

It’s a key preoccupation of the French and the greatest challenge to our planet – and yet the subject of climate change has all but vanished from France’s presidential campaignThe most, sidelined by the war in UkraineItaly, a lack of media exposure, and candidates’ own reluctance to broach the subjectIn a statement Friday, J.

Russia’s invasion of?Ukraine has upended the race for the élysée PalaceThe moment, and I won, forcing presidential hopefuls into embarrassing U-turns just weeks ahead of the April 10 vote, and meaning that topics?already suffering from underexposure have fallen by the wayside.

One prominent casualty is the plight of French hospitals, pushed to the limit by the Covid-19 pandemic; another is the looming climate catastrophe thatThe provinces have administered doses at a rate of 20,543.418 per 100,000., in the long runThe virus, either through vaccination or past infection, they estimate., is set to cause even greater devastation.

In its latest report, published on February 28, the United Nations climate science panel warned that climate change is already disrupting billions of lives and that governments’ failure to rein in planet-warming carbon emissions amounted to a “criminal abdication of leadership”:1622668346214,. Far from impacting the French campaign, the IPCC’s dire warnings went largely unnoticed.??

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