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When decorating small houses, hard partitions should be used carefully. If not necessary, hard partitions should be done as little as possible. If necessary, glass partitions can be considered. Transparent glass, frosted glass and carved glass are gradually favored by young people in modern decoration because they have no obstruction to light and line of sight and can highlight the integrity of space. Then let's take a look at some strategies to know about small house decoration, and help you pretend to be a Xiaomei home

small house decoration strategy 1. Avoid monotonous lighting

due to the simple shape of the ceiling, the sense of regional boundary is not strong, which virtually makes the selection and use of lamps and lanterns more difficult. People often put only one or several main lights, which is too monotonous. The light distribution in a small space should be primary and secondary. The main lamp should be atmospheric and bright, mainly with simple ceiling lamps, supplemented by desk lamps, wall lamps, spotlights, etc. The use of matching lamps and lights will make the space atmosphere better. It is necessary to emphasize the functionality of lamps and lanterns, the sense of hierarchy, the cross use of different light source effects, the prominent main body and clear functions

small house decoration strategy 2. Do not use dull wall color

it is difficult to choose the main color of the house with narrow space. Generally, choose the color system with low lightness and purity, that is, the gray system we often say, because the stronger the purity of the color, the more it comes into view first, which will make people feel squeezed and feel that the space is reduced in their hearts. The choice of lightness should be based on relatively bright colors, with high lightness and sensory ductility, which is what we usually call "spacious and bright"

small house decoration strategy III. the ceiling should be as simple as possible

most of the rooms in small houses are short, so the ceiling should be pointed to the end. The thinner and smaller ceiling decoration should be the first choice, or do not make the ceiling at all. If the shape of the ceiling is too regular, it will make the spatial sense of the ceiling too strong. You might as well consider making a special-shaped ceiling or a wooden or aluminum grille ceiling. Of course, you can also make an article on materials, choose some new materials or some unconventional materials, which are both innovative and free of embarrassment

small house decoration strategy IV. ground decoration dividing areas

the space of small house types is narrow and tortuous. Many people will use different materials and heights in different areas in order to decorate the effect and highlight the sense of region. The ceiling often echoes it, which leads to a more tortuous spatial structure and many "corridors", causing visual obstruction and space waste. The color of the ground should be unified into a color system with strong lightness and low purity. The color of the ground should be slightly heavier than that of the furniture, so that it will not produce a top heavy feeling. You can also use some mosaics, pebbles, etc. to make a little guiding glass line to break the dull visual effect

in short, the decoration of small houses is still simple, which can make the space bright and clear





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