Rural style house decoration strategy

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Rural style is a kind of home decoration style that has been deeply loved by people in recent years. It also expresses the desire of modern people to be close to nature and yearn for nature. Its biggest feature is: simplicity, kindness and realism. What are the strategies for rural house decoration? In the noisy city, many people hope to get close to nature and pursue a simple life. Rural style is one of the decoration styles, which refers to the use of “ Pastoral ” Style building materials are a way of decoration. Let's take a look at the rural style house decoration strategy with Xiaobian

· What are the characteristics of the classification of pastoral style?

pastoral style can be roughly divided into British pastoral style and French pastoral style. The main characteristics of British pastoral furniture are that it is all made by hand. The furniture materials are mainly pine and Ailanthus, and the patterns on its furniture are also carefully carved by hand, which is very exquisite

French garden furniture is mainly characterized by bold color matching, which is mainly matched with bright colors such as red, yellow and blue

the typical representative of the pastoral style is the American pastoral style, which is particularly famous for its simple and atmospheric style. However, it also has certain requirements for spatial characteristics and decoration elements

Korean pastoral style generally requires simplicity and lightness, and stone is usually used as decorative material; The bedroom layout of Korean style home is relatively warm. As the owner's private space, functionality and comfort are mainly considered

· What should we pay attention to in rural style decoration?

first of all, greening is an indispensable part. After all, green plants and beautiful flowers are the most indispensable part to interpret the beauty of nature. When we are doing decoration, we can also do corresponding greening according to the style of the home, the placement position and the size of the furniture. We can arrange it along the windows and balconies, and we can also do key decoration on the main furniture to make the green plants add luster to the house

rural style decoration pursues a very natural state in terms of atmosphere. Then some old, rough and damaged are allowed in the pastoral style. Many people like the feeling of retro antiquity. Some doors and windows, furniture and walls will bring a long sense of history after special aging treatment. An ordinary room will be tall in an instant after retro treatment

in addition, the pattern fabrics of broken flowers, stripes and flowers are often frequent guests in rural style decoration. These patterns are printed on curtains, sofas and bedding, rendering the whole room fresh and natural

the materials used in the pastoral style advocate nature. Bricks, pottery, wood, stone, rattan and bamboo are the materials often used in the pastoral style decoration. Such materials do not need too much processing, retain the true colors of the materials, reflect the most natural appearance, and also emit a strong local flavor

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