Avoid eight designs during decoration

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Stick an "Apron" on the wall

when it comes to sticking an "Apron" on the wall, it was in the 1980s. Whether in school or at home,

"wainscot" was a very popular decoration at that time, and schools were generally painted with blue paint; And the home is "decorated" with wallpaper or wood under 1 meter of the wall. Times have changed. Now if your home still pastes "aprons" on the wall, it should be changed

iron art can be seen everywhere

it is purely a product of Europe. It was popular in the 16th and 17th centuries among royal families. But what era is it now? Has the trend not changed? There is no need to fill the room with iron art, and the home is not an iron shop

plaques are everywhere.

the style of plaques on the wall should be spread from the Chinese imperial palace! However, there are so many treasures in the palace that there is no place to put them, so many lattices have been made to put them. If there are so many treasures at home, there is no need to be the "hundred treasures Pavilion" of the palace. First, it is not applicable, and second, it is very inconvenient to clean. How many people clean up the palace, how many people clean up your family

color painted all over the wall

in recent years, the good white wall has suddenly taken shape. It is colorful and colorful. As long as you can think of all the colors, you can paint it on the wall, but don't forget that strong colors appear in front of you every day. Over time, it will cause visual fatigue and nerve depression. Therefore, try to lighten the color of the wall at home, which is conducive to health

it looks like a hotel

I don't know whether home is more and more like a hotel, or whether the hotel feels too like home to guests. Such decoration is only applicable to hotels. Don't decorate your own home like this

floor tiles are like jigsaw puzzles

floor tiles have become an indispensable part of your home, but I remind you not to use too much. If you have too many splices, you will feel messy visually, and it is also very difficult to clean. Therefore, be generous and make some large floor tiles, which are beautiful and applicable

plaster ceiling

many years ago, decoration plus ceiling was indeed popular for a long time. At that time, the home decoration design concept was to solve the wiring problem of ceiling lights, and "hide" some irregular wiring in the ceiling. Now it seems that this method is not a wise move, but the current wiring may also be more humanized. In the early stage of the building, the direction of wires and other commonly used lines in the room has been considered, so now there is no need to "hide" those lines in the decoration, and there is no need to force yourself to reduce the height of the ceiling and the ground

the lobby is like a gallery

everyone should know what it is like. You make the lobby at home like a gallery. It doesn't look comfortable at all, and it doesn't feel warm at home, does it

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