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2018 is the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening up. The "four new" economy represented by new technologies, new industries, new formats and new models is in the ascendant. However, the international political and economic situation in 2018 is changing, there are many uncertain factors, and the global economy has a situation of recovery and risks. In the context of the coexistence of opportunities and challenges in China's economy, Cohen kitchen appliances, one of the top ten brands in China's kitchen electrical industry and an expert in the quality manufacturing of all kinds of kitchen electrical appliances, has actively responded to the national call. Based on strong enterprise strength, it takes innovative quality manufacturing, intelligent health as the product design concept, contributes to the promotion of green economic growth, and helps the development of China's economy

Cohen kitchen appliances, one of the top ten brands in China's kitchen electrical industry, has always won the attention and trust of partners and consumers with its dedicated quality and high-quality service. Since its establishment in 2009, Cohen has always focused on a full range of kitchen electrical products for more than 10 years, established one of the few CNAs accredited laboratories in China, adhered to independent R & D and production, followed the path of scientific and technological innovation, and obtained more than 200 patented technologies, almost including the core technologies of the kitchen electrical industry. In order to achieve higher quality standards, Cohen implemented LP "lean manufacturing" system in 2016. Through the deep integration of informatization and automation, it opened up the data chain of enterprises in planning, procurement, logistics, manufacturing, warehousing and other links, and created a production and manufacturing system with lower cost, higher performance and greater flexibility, which is a solid step in the transformation of "quality manufacturing"

in 2017, Cohen electric launched a personalized high-end instant hot drinking machine mobile water bar according to the needs of users, which is another major breakthrough in research and development strategy. Cohen mobile water bar is sought after by consumers because of its subversive features such as no space restrictions, no water source restrictions, no potential safety hazards, no waste water discharge, and no flooding risk. It is known as a product responsibility and leading trend in the industry. In order to better meet the differentiated needs of consumers, Cohen design team has continuously upgraded the original basis of the mobile water bar through more than a year of research and innovation, The upcoming second-generation mobile water bar not only adds a variety of appearance styles, but also makes great innovations in water tank capacity, wastewater ratio, water leakage prevention device, filter element configuration, washable design, TDS real-time detection, accurate temperature control, reset key and other functions. It also subdivides categories and launches mother baby series, Business Series... Cohen's new mobile water bar series products are about to be reinstalled. Please look forward to it

over the years since its establishment, Cohen appliance, one of the top ten brands in China's kitchen electrical industry, an advocate of healthy drinking water in China, and an expert in the quality of all kinds of kitchen electrical appliances, has worked hard to improve the service level and brand influence with forward-looking thinking and innovative products, adhered to the road of professional, green and innovative operation, assisted the green development of China's economy, and provided a comprehensive, intelligent and healthy solution for the home life of Chinese families




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