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To create a comfortable and convenient bathroom, in addition to buying washbasins, bathtubs, toilets and other sanitary wares with beautiful shapes and outstanding functions, it is also necessary to have the "assistance" of good bathroom hardware accessories

to create a comfortable and convenient bathroom, in addition to buying sanitary ware with beautiful shape and excellent functions such as washbasin, bathtub and toilet, it is also necessary to buy good bathroom hardware accessories “ Assistance ”, Therefore, the purchase of bathroom hardware accessories is also very important

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bathroom hardware accessories products are becoming more and more eye-catching, small and beautiful, combined with fashion elements. Now the hardware accessories in the family are mainly toothbrush cups, soap tables, towel bars, towel racks, web racks, clothes hooks, mirrors, etc. These products, which pay attention to streamline in design, such as arc, are widely used in the design of faucets, towel poles and paper tube racks, which are very dynamic. However, geometric modeling and prominent lines with a strong sense of design have been added to soap counters, tooth cup holders and other products, making the products more atmospheric and modern

in terms of color, it has absorbed the European and American decorative style, and got rid of the original harsh and cold stainless steel color. Silver white, brass and luxurious patterns have occupied the mainstream of bathroom hardware. According to the shopkeeper, the surface of silver white hardware is frosted, which is avant-garde and fashionable, and is favored by many young people. The surface of brass hardware is mostly polished, which is simple and elegant. Many European decorated families like to choose it, and some products with special patterns are also favored by alternative fashion families

at present, the prices of bathroom hardware in the market vary greatly. When launching sanitary ware sets, many well-known brands will cooperate with the overall style of sanitary ware and launch corresponding accessory series. These products not only have unique functions, but also look like a beautiful art product from the appearance. Therefore, the price is higher, while ordinary brands are lower

in addition, products of the same brand have different prices according to different materials. Titanium alloy hardware is the most exquisite and durable, but the price is relatively expensive, ranging from hundreds to thousands of yuan; Pure copper chrome plated products can effectively prevent oxidation, with guaranteed quality. They are the mainstream in the current market, and the price is about one or two hundred yuan. The price of stainless steel chrome plated products is the lowest, mostly within 100 yuan, but the service life is also the shortest. In addition, there are metal accessories plated with 18K or 24K gold, as well as various kinds of plexiglass and synthetic plastics. Of course, the price is not cheap, but there are also many followers

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