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With the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, many people focus on the problem of water conservation when choosing sanitary ware products such as faucets and toilets. However, the interview found that there are many tricks hidden in the current water-saving sanitary ware market, and many products are "pseudo water-saving" products

with the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, many people focus on the problem of water conservation when choosing sanitary ware products such as faucets and toilets. However, the interview found that the current water-saving sanitary ware market hides many tricks, and many products are “ Pseudo water saving ” Products

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water saving becomes a purchasing factor

the place with the largest household water consumption is mainly the bathroom. Washing face, bathing and flushing the toilet constitute the three major water flows in the bathroom. With the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, water-saving performance has become an important reference element for the purchase of sanitary ware

relevant data show that the water consumption of toilets has accounted for 60% to 70% of household water consumption, among which the excessive size of the toilet tank is an important factor causing a large amount of water consumption. Compared with the foreign standard of 3 ~ 4 liters of toilet drainage, most residents in China use 9 ~ 12 liters of toilets, which seriously aggravates the water resource crisis. To this end, the National Standardization Commission has listed the "6 liter toilet supporting system" as a national mandatory standard

the interview found that the introduction of national mandatory standards has enabled manufacturers to continuously upgrade their products; The continuous rise of water prices has made consumers pay more and more attention to the “ Energy saving ” effect. According to the staff of some home building materials stores in the provincial capital, in the past, consumers often only paid attention to whether the toilet looks good, whether the color matches the tone of the toilet, whether the brand is good, etc., but did not pay much attention to whether the sanitary ware is water-saving. Now, with the rising price of water, whether the water-saving toilet has become an important selling point. Now, in addition to being concerned about the price and style of toilet, many citizens also take the initiative to ask about the water consumption of toilet flushing when buying

the survey found that water-saving toilets with less than 6 liters are popular at present. At the same time, various manufacturers are also constantly developing and innovating, and developing a variety of water-saving toilets. For example, the supporting buttons of the toilet have the function of saving water, and can be selected with double buttons for 6-liter and 3-liter drainage. Some can also control the displacement by pressure or by adjusting the height of the floating ball. Some products are even more advanced. It can flush the hand washing water into the toilet tank for reuse, etc

saving money sanitary ware choose this way

at present, many businesses take water saving as the selling point of sanitary ware, but a considerable number of consumers are not very clear about the concept of water-saving sanitary ware, and only choose it through the introduction of salesperson when buying. Insiders call this kind of purchase method blind compliance purchase

what kind of water-saving sanitary ware meets the requirements of national standards

according to the relevant person of the provincial quality supervision department, under the condition of ensuring the sanitary requirements, use function and transmission capacity of the drainage pipeline, the toilet with no leakage and a flushing water volume of no more than 6 liters at a time is a water-saving toilet. It is composed of the toilet and its supporting water tank and accessories, pipes, pipe fittings, interfaces and installation and construction technology. Under the conditions that the operating mechanism is stable, reliable, convenient to operate, flexible and free of blockage, the water consumption in each flushing cycle is not more than 6 liters, that is, the product system that can flush the sewage away from the toilet trap and discharge it into the gravity drainage system is the water-saving toilet system

so, is it true that the smaller the flushing volume, the more water-saving the sanitary ware? Insiders said that the flushing volume of many toilets is very small, but its flushing effect is often not up to standard, and the dirt cannot be completely discharged, which will not only lead to repeated flushing and waste of water, but also easy to be blocked. Therefore, when buying, try to choose well-known brand products, which is more guaranteed

insiders said that ceramics will expand to a certain extent after absorbing water, which is easy to crack the glaze of ceramics. Products with high water absorption, such as sitting stool, are easy to absorb dirt and peculiar smell in the water into ceramics. After long-term use, it will form peculiar smell, which is not easy to get rid of

therefore, when purchasing sanitary ware such as toilet, we must pay attention to the water absorption index of ceramic sanitary ware, and choose ceramic sanitary ware with low water absorption, which is not only environmentally friendly but also conducive to long-term use. The choice of glaze is also very important. In addition to good gloss and easy cleaning, high-quality glaze also saves water resources, which is conducive to environmental protection and health. In addition, pay attention to the performance requirements of the toilet, such as sewage discharge, water consumption, noise, water sealing function, etc

in addition to the above elements, we should also pay attention to some technical indicators: first, we should choose products with appropriate pit distance, which refers to the distance between the center of the blowdown hole and the wall. The pit distance is small and cannot be installed; Too large pit spacing will waste space; Second, we should recognize the signs of water conservation and environmental protection; Third, we should pay attention to the after-sales service. The installation and adjustment of the toilet are very important. After installation, the sewer pipe shall be checked and accepted, and several pots of water shall be poured to see whether there is blockage or poor water flow





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