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When indoor air is dry, it will cause certain harm to human body. What are the hazards? The customized editor of the whole house of the snow family tells you

1. Dry rooms are prone to increase the occurrence of dust and floating debris, and bacteria tend to adsorb on these dust and floating debris, resulting in the rapid spread of bacteria, which will greatly increase the risk of illness for the elderly and children

2. People who stay indoors for a long time will accelerate the loss of water in the body and accelerate the aging of the body. Especially for women, the collagen in the skin will quickly lose due to dry air. In the long run, the skin will have irreparable wrinkles. In a dry room, you will obviously feel dry mouth and emotional instability when you get up every morning

3. Indoor air drying will lead to structural deformation, surface cracking and other phenomena of furniture, musical instruments and other items made of wood materials. At the same time, it will cause indoor static electricity and damage electrical appliances

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