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Aluminum alloy doors and windows are preferred by many customers at this stage. At present, most of the emerging smart doors and windows are formed by adding software systems on the basis of aluminum alloy doors and windows. How much do you know about aluminum alloy doors and windows

1. What is aluminum alloy doors and windows

aluminum alloy is a building material mainly made of aluminum and added with some alloy elements to enhance strength and hardness. Aluminum alloy doors and windows refer to doors and windows made of aluminum alloy extruded profiles for frames, stiles and fans, which are called aluminum alloy doors and windows for short

2. What is broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows

bridge cutoff aluminum alloy window is an improved type based on the old aluminum alloy window to improve the thermal insulation performance of doors and windows. The principle of broken bridge aluminum alloy window is to use PA66 nylon to separate and closely connect the indoor and outdoor two layers of aluminum alloy into a whole, forming a three-layer air layer. The inside and outside are not conductive, and the inside and outside colors can be arbitrarily selected. It is beautiful and has good performance, forming an energy-saving effect. It is a new kind of heat-insulating aluminum profile

3. What is the difference between ordinary aluminum alloy profile and Bridge broken aluminum alloy profile

the internal and external colors of ordinary aluminum profile are consistent, the internal and external are connected, and there is no air layer, so the heat transfer and heat dissipation are relatively fast; The three-layer air layer of bridge broken aluminum profile is not conductive inside and outside, the temperature difference between inside and outside is different, and the color is diverse

4. What is insulating glass

insulating glass is a new building material with good heat insulation, sound insulation, beauty and applicability, and can reduce the self weight of buildings. It uses two (or three) pieces of glass, uses high-strength and high air tightness composite adhesive, and bonds the glass with the aluminum alloy frame containing desiccant to make high-efficiency sound insulation and heat insulation glass. The temperature difference between the inside and outside of the glass is different

5. What is safety glass

safety glass is a kind of glass that will not break after violent vibration or impact, and it is not easy to hurt people even if it is broken. It is used for doors and windows of automobiles, aircraft and special buildings. The use of safety glass in buildings can resist the attack of bullets or debris mixed in hurricanes of 100 kilometers per hour, which is of special significance to modern buildings with main glass structures

6. What is hollow shutter glass

hollow shutter glass window is a traditional sunshade product, which generally adopts manual work. Shanghai carboplatin architectural decoration company uses magnetic force to control the shutter curtain in the hollow glass interior, which can be easily lifted or turned 180 degrees. The product not only saves the use space, but also achieves the purpose of shading. It also has the functions of heat preservation and noise prevention, and gives the building and interior a novel vision

it can be used for 20000 times for about 20 years. Its advantages are clean, sanitary and no cleaning

7. What is low glass

low-e glass, also known as low radiation glass, is a film product composed of multilayer metals or other compounds on the surface of glass. The coating layer has the characteristics of high transmission of visible light and high reflection of mid and far infrared rays, which makes it have excellent heat insulation effect and good light transmittance compared with ordinary glass and traditional coated glass for building

8. Which one is better than hollow glass, Low-E glass and hollow hundred leaf glass

insulating glass can save energy

low-e glass UV protection

hollow hundred leaf glass is convenient, protected from direct sunlight and increases privacy

9. How long is the warranty period of insulating glass

the national standard for the warranty period of insulating glass is 15 years; The service life is 15-20 years, and there are examples in Europe

10. What is the heat transfer coefficient

heat transfer coefficient refers to the speed at which the internal temperature is transmitted to the outside according to the internal heating time during the detection, and the heat transfer value is obtained through the time and temperature. Generally speaking, the heat transfer coefficient of ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows is about 3.5-5.0; The heat transfer coefficient of bridge broken aluminum alloy doors and windows is about 2.5-3.0; The heat transfer coefficient of aluminum alloy doors and windows of the system is about 2.0-2.5

11. What are the common doors and windows

sliding doors and windows: one of the two doors and windows pushes and pulls to the left and right

open doors and windows horizontally: that is, open them indoors and outwards

upper hung window: that is, the inner leaf opens upward

internal opening and internal inverted window: it adopts European standards and opens indoors, that is, natural ventilation. Doors and windows can also be opened when people are not at home

fixed doors and windows: doors and windows that cannot be opened





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