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It is difficult to recycle the waste packaging of pesticides. Attention should be paid to it.

[China Packaging News] although many farmers have some understanding of the harm of pesticide packaging wastes, the increasing packaging wastes are still lack of effective ways to deal with them. They can only be discarded casually except being treated as garbage and burned by themselves. Although the State encourages and supports the society to step up to a new level! The enterprise is engaged in waste treatment that is conducive to environmental protection, and fully recovers and reasonably utilizes the packaging materials. However, due to the large number of recycling points, wide range and large amount of pesticide packaging wastes, coupled with the vacuum in management, incomplete management mechanism, unclear division of labor and weak existing work, the actual results in practice are not great. I. The software has the function of demonstrating historical test data

China is a large country using pesticides, and billions of discarded packaging materials are discarded in the fields every year. These pesticide packaging wastes discarded by farmers after use are multifaceted and huge. The recycling and treatment of pesticide wastes is a system engineering through which complex light can pass through. It involves government departments, pesticide production, management enterprises and professional disposal companies, and even thousands of farmers

to do this work well, we must divide the work and take responsibility. The state and local governments need to legislate to ensure the recovery of pesticide packaging, and the financial department should provide financial subsidies for the recovery to ensure the effective operation of the recovery work; Agricultural departments at all levels shall assess the recycling work of pesticide production enterprises, dealers and growers, and issue recycling subsidies. At the same time, they shall entrust qualified companies to handle the centralized packaging materials in a unified manner, and issue disposal fees according to the disposal volume and disposal effect; The environmental protection department shall supervise all links of recycling and treatment, and cooperate with multiple

departments to jointly cultivate the recycling system; The grower is responsible for recycling, cleaning, classifying and temporarily storing the waste pesticide packaging, and submitting the pretreated waste pesticide packaging to the recycling center; County and city dealers are responsible for training and guiding growers. Retailers in each town and township jointly build and manage local recycling stations, and are responsible for recycling the waste pesticide packaging submitted by farmers for pretreatment; Pesticide production enterprises should also actively participate in the training and guidance for growers, reasonably develop products with large packaging specifications and reduce the use of packaging materials; Assist the dealer to transport the collected pesticide packages and concentrate them in a certain area; The specialized disposal company shall transport and classify the pesticide packaging materials according to the entrustment contract, and recycle or reuse the recycled materials

at present, agricultural non-point source pollution is becoming a key area of agricultural environmental governance, and the management of pesticide waste will gradually attract the attention of the government and the public. It is believed that with the development of science and technology and the enhancement of farmers' awareness of environmental protection, the scientific use of pesticides and the standardized management of pesticide packaging waste can adopt the temperature rise and fall method, which will become a powerful guarantee for improving the rural ecological environment, building an ecological civilized home and promoting the sustainable development of rural areas

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