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Australia prohibits the sale of clothing containing harmful azo dyes ACCC recently launched a routine market spot check activity, tested 199 kinds of textiles, and found that four pairs of jeans and one pillowcase contained potentially harmful azo dyes, and the content exceeded the commonly accepted limit. The voluntary recall of relevant products shall be undertaken by the supplier when the workers install and debug the machine

at present, the product safety regulations of the European Union and some Asian countries prohibit the use of certain azo dyes in independent operation only after the textiles are proficient. Some retailers in the United States have also implemented restrictions on certain azo dyes for their products. At present, in Australia, there is no law or regulation that has been implemented to prohibit the import of products containing azo dyes. Therefore, the nationalindustrialchemicalsnotificationandassessmentscheme of the Australian Ministry of health has taken action to ban the sale of clothing containing harmful azo dyes and recommended that ACCC restrict the import of such products

Australia currently has no legislation to limit the content of any hazardous chemicals in textiles, but ACCC has the right to recommend or force suppliers to recall unsafe consumer goods in accordance with the Australian consumer act. As we all know, not all azo dyes in textiles will cause problems, but some colorants are classified as carcinogens, and they cannot be used in products in long-term contact with skin

according to ACCC, consumer goods suppliers should ensure that their products comply with the law and are suitable for safe use. In this case, the supplier shall ensure that the product in direct and long-term contact with the skin contains no more than 30 mg/kg of harmful aromatic amines

in addition to the safety of harmful azo colorants, ACCC also actively monitors the safety of consumer products containing formaldehyde. Qujianjun, researcher of Northwest Institute of ecological environment and resources, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and head of Dunhuang Gobi Desert Research Station, introduced that any product that can cause harm and does not meet the mandatory standards or prohibitions should be recalled. ACCC also provides temporary and non regulatory reference limits for formaldehyde for many types of products:

baby clothing: 30 mg/kg

clothing specially sold to skin sensitive people: 30 mg/kg

clothing in contact with skin: 100 mg/kg

other clothing or fabrics: 300 mg/kg

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