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Australian Defense Minister: no plan to stop reconnaissance operations in the South China Sea

[global report Han Mei] Reuters reported on December 17 that Australia's other defense minister Payne said on the same day that Australia has no plan to stop reconnaissance operations in the South China Sea. Penn claimed that these flights are one of Australia's routine activities to help maintain regional stability and security. "We have been sailing in the region in a very constructive way." She said

in addition,

the Australian Ministry of Defense said on the 15th that an Australian aircraft had conducted "routine maritime patrol" over the South China Sea from November 25 to December 4. One day later, the Australian Ministry of defense made it clear that the Australian Air Force aircraft did not fly or enter the 12 nautical miles and adjacent airspace of islands and reefs in the South China Sea. The Australian Ministry of Defense said that the reconnaissance aircraft of the Australian Air Force flew in the international airspace of the South China Sea on November 25 as a routine, which was one of the "253044907020 households" operations conducted by the Australian Army in the northern Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. The action, jointly implemented by Australia and ASEAN countries, aims to combat maritime human smuggling, measure and record the materials in the characteristic impact process curve in real time, and maintain regional peace

on the 15th, the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs responded with regard to the participation of Australian military aircraft in the "cruise" in the South China Sea, saying that China has repeatedly expressed its solemn position in this regard. Freedom of navigation over the South China Sea is no problem. We hope that other countries, especially some extraterritorial countries, will be cautious in their words and deeds and not create complications in the South China Sea. It should also be noted here that China and Australia are friendly countries and should look friendly. Australian military aircraft had better not often come to the South China Sea for fun, especially not to test China's patience against Chinese islands and reefs. The South China Sea must become a sea of peace, which is the greatest common denominator of the interests of all parties. It is impossible for a real military alliance to deal with China in the South China Sea. China has not violated the core interests of those countries. The South China Sea does not provide a reason for China to fight with them on their respective national interests

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