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Australia supports the development and investment of new energy. Photovoltaic system is guaranteed. The newspaper reported that solar energy development will reach the level of providing 20% of the global total power consumption in 2020. However, Australia's plan for the development of the solar energy industry is to achieve 20% of the electricity from the solar and wind energy sectors by 2020, with a total installed power generation of 8000mw

mbertie Perera, a Chartered Engineer in Australia, has the leading information about the national plan. He pointed out that Australia plans to install a standard solar panel system with an installed capacity of 1.6 kW on the roof and through market operation, because the installation cost of vertical ground will be very expensive. If the cost of land lease is included, the cost of solar power generation will be higher

mbertie Perera said excitedly that in order to support the development of new energy, the Australian government has generously paid half of all the costs of the solar system, and the supplier returned each panel here. We mainly want to explain that the maintenance of several aspects of the experimental machine was $0.52, and the purchase price was only $0.19 at that time. In Sri Lanka, the labor force is cheap, the service time does not exceed the time limit specified in the verification cycle, the profit from raw materials is also very low, and the cost of the whole solar system does not exceed 500000 rupees. In addition, the manufacturer guarantees the service life of these panels for 25 years, so the cost of each panel is only 8 rupees, and the power output of each panel per month is as high as 200W

every Sri Lankan family only needs 100W of power every month, and the remaining 100MW can be sold to power companies. Because the service life of the battery board is as long as 25 years, and the power output is completely dependent on the "free" sunlight, there is no need to worry about the rise of electricity price

therefore, mbertie Perera strongly suggests that the Australian government invest heavily in the solar industry with low interest loans, starting with the construction of roof photovoltaic systems for 1million households. Even private investors can start to invest in the solar industry by renting the roof photovoltaic system. Therefore, the installed solar energy capacity of each household is 1.6kw, and the power generation will be 1600MW within a few years

after the improvement of the oil pressure system, we need to use the power generated by solar energy or coal combustion as the power during the day. From this, we can see that solar power generation not only needs to meet the growing demand for electricity, but also is a good investment way for us to freely use the sun at our own door

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