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Attention should be paid to the environmental pollution caused by imported waste paper

◆ waste domestic garbage is frequently found in imported waste paper

◆ the waste water produced in the process of changing "waste paper" into "pulp" is easy to pollute the environment

the import of waste paper at Guangdong port continues to surge, and the damage of waste paper processing industry to the environment is gradually increasing. According to the statistics of Guangzhou Customs, in the first two months of this year, Guangdong Port imported 1.097 million tons of waste paper, worth 150million US dollars, up 41.1% and 32.2% respectively over the previous year, but the average import price was 137 US dollars/ton, down 6.3%. Customs officials suggested that the state should strengthen the supervision of imported waste paper, strengthen the governance of domestic waste paper reprocessing industry, improve the utilization rate of domestic waste paper and reduce dependence on imports

according to the introduction of the customs, in the first two months of this year, Guangdong Port imported 749000 tons of waste paper through processing trade, a substantial increase of 79.8%, accounting for 68.3% of the total import volume, which increased by 14.7 percentage points over the same period last year; However, the import of general trade decreased slightly, with 347000 tons, down 2.6%. In addition, waste paper imports mainly come from the United States, the European Union and Hong Kong, accounting for more than 80% of the total imports

it is learned that due to the development of domestic paper industry, there is sufficient waste paper supply abroad, and there is a gap between the recycling rate of domestic waste paper and that of China by 2020. Therefore, there is a great demand for imported waste paper in China. Some experts pointed out that there are still a series of problems in the process of waste paper import and recycling. For example, the port management department here reminds consumers to pay attention to the frequent detection of waste domestic waste in the imported waste paper, which puts pressure on China's environmental protection work; In addition, during the process of converting "waste paper" into "pulp", the waste water discharged contains many harmful substances, which is very easy to pollute the surrounding environment

in view of the above problems, the customs suggested that the state should further strengthen the supervision over the import of waste paper, resolutely crack down on the illegal acts of imported waste paper and garbage, actively guide the development of the recycling industry of recycled paper, strengthen the treatment of domestic waste paper 3. The interface on the controller should respond to the paper recycling processing industry one by one, improve the production technology, reduce the pollution to the environment, and improve the utilization rate of domestic waste paper, Reduce dependence on imported waste paper and ensure the healthy development of the paper industry

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