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The contract price of European propylene in August may be cancelled.

it is reported that the contract price of European propylene in August has not been unanimously confirmed due to other sellers' refusal to accept the pricing of 685 euros/ton (979 dollars/ton), and the contract price of this month may be cancelled

the original price was set on July 23, which was 35 euros/ton higher than the price of the previous month. Other European manufacturers think it is too low, and they want to raise at least euros/ton

other manufacturers said that the supply situation is very tight, and the spot price has risen to 800 euros/ton (delivered in northwest Europe), so it is necessary to raise higher prices

in view of the unprecedented decline in demand in the fourth quarter of 2008, the oil needs to be changed every six months. After years of repeated debate, the European olefin industry has put aside the traditional seasonal pricing system and adopted the monthly contract price pricing system in January this year

this approach takes into account the fact that there are many uncertainties in the current global economic recession

for several large manufacturers, adopting the monthly pricing system can timely communicate prices and become a system

in order to solve the problem of unstable price in quarterly pricing as much as possible, the derivatives market needs to know the upstream price before fixing the monthly contract price

the contract price setter said that it has been two weeks since the contract price was set, and the contract price in August has been recognized by all, so they are worried

a big consumer said, "this is an abnormal situation. It will be incredible in the future." "It's a problem for everyone," he said

a consumer said, "we are not satisfied with the pricing in July, but we still accept it. It can be adjusted in September." He stressed that the contract price is the price of four weeks, which is the advantage that supporters of the one month contract price talked about in the debate

another major consumer said that he did not understand why the contract price could not be accepted by all, because he temporarily invoiced at the price of 685 euros/ton

some business people said that they believed that the maximum contract price was 685 euros/ton, which was accepted by three big buyers and one big producer

it is reported that another supplier and a large consumer have reached an agreement, but it has not been confirmed

before formal pricing is recognized, two producers and consumers are usually required to recognize the price respectively

a big consumer said: "for us, it has been completed now, and there is no chance to find another user who is willing to raise the price by euro/ton according to the requirements of other manufacturers."

but other suppliers said they insisted on raising the price

a big propylene seller said, "we have made an offer, but we don't have much hope of realizing this price." He also said that it is time for users to decide what is realistic

some people have suggested that the prices of crude oil and naphtha are rising. Since the initial pricing, naphtha has reached the highest price in 10 months, which makes producers more reluctant to accept the initial price

but the propylene big seller refuted this view

a propylene seller, selle Royal, increased the proportion of natural materials mixed in the new material corkgel to 20%. The owner said that even if the raw material price at the time of pricing was used, the price was wrong

another big businessman said, "we can't agree with the original pricing."

the pricing of this month has not been confirmed, and business people have questions about how the market will move forward

there is a talk that because there is no upstream guidance price, some downstream contract prices continue to use the prices of last month

a big businessman said, "it is estimated that when we discuss the contract price in September in a few weeks, we will fix the prices in August and September."

in the United States, it is not uncommon to set the price for two months. Different pricing opinions in July led to the determination of prices in July and August

generally speaking, European manufacturers do not want to set the price for two months at the same time, because they think it is unrealistic. If this is the case, the quarterly pricing system can also be adopted

according to at least one large contract shipper, such pricing practices can not solve the problem, "we can not implement the American pricing system here."

another vendor said, "this is a stupid thing to do."

a market observer said, "this situation is really annoying." It won't be 685 euros/ton in August. The next change will be in September

a large propylene consumer said, "we are still negotiating with other suppliers. At present, the only thing we can do is to wait and see."

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