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Fang Yu, general manager of Guangdong Beixi care products Co., Ltd.: I sincerely feel that the focus international forum is stepping up to a higher level every year. There are more and more "dry goods" in the meetings, and the atmosphere of communication is getting better and better

jiaoyong, general manager of Shanghai Fengge non woven fabric Co., Ltd.: the two-day focus international forum and the three-day exhibition were held according to the above statement, which yielded a lot. Thank you for the hard work of the association. You have spent a lot of effort in preparing the conference and exhibition. We will continue to support and cooperate with the association to contribute to the development and progress of the industry

zhangligang, senior account manager of Asian supply chain of American cotton company: the household paper Committee has indeed done a lot of solid work in the preparation of focus international forum. Meimian has participated in many domestic and international meetings held in the first line Office of epidemic prevention and control in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The focus forum has a large audience, but the organization is well organized, which is very difficult

wangjiajun, senior manager of Unicar (China) Investment Co., Ltd.: cidpex2019

focus international forum is a veritable International Forum. P & G, Kao, Unicar and other enterprises gathered together to discuss the safety of sanitary products. The conference was very successful

Weiwei, senior R & D Manager of the global product management department of Beijing P & G Technology Co., Ltd.: the topics and contents of this focus international forum fully reflect the careful listening of the professional committee of household paper to the opinions of the industry and its high attention to the needs of consumers. The speakers of each topic have been carefully selected, especially the topic of product safety, which is the top priority of the production work of enterprises, It is also a hot spot that consumers all over the world pay close attention to. While learning knowledge, it also brings us a lot of thinking

Yuxiaoying, executive president and director of Hangzhou Zhenqi sanitary products Co., Ltd., benefited a lot from participating in the fo special engineering plastics UCS International Forum, especially on product safety guidance, future product development and services. The organizer's household paper committee is actually guiding the healthy development of the industry

kongman, marketing manager of Sedley: the household paper committee is very professional and has made great efforts to run the annual meeting and focus international forum well. The organizing committee has reviewed the speech draft of our company for three times, which is very responsible. You worked hard

chenxiaolong, President of Shandong Dongshun group: I was deeply impressed by the focus international forum, which is professional, instructive and informative. In particular, the paper technology is fully integrated with intelligent production, as well as the contents of energy saving, consumption reduction, quality improvement and upgrading. There are plenty of dry goods. We look forward to providing more wonderful professional and technical feasts at the Nanjing annual meeting next year

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