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The use characteristics of laser materials for wine packaging

nowadays, the market competition of wine products is extremely fierce. In order to obtain more market share, the major wine manufacturers are constantly accelerating their development. As a supporting wine product, wine packaging plays an important role in improving the value of additional BMP folders and YSD folders of products and winning the consumer market, which has been paid attention to by more and more wine production enterprises. It has become an inevitable trend for the development of liquor industry to choose exquisite packaging materials to create famous liquor crystal brand

laser holographic materials have been gradually used in some famous wine packaging because of their good anti-counterfeiting properties. From the feedback of sales and market information, its development prospect is bright. Therefore, in the future development of paper packaging of wine products, how to develop and apply this fashionable and advanced anti-counterfeiting material has become the focus of many wine product packaging enterprises

1. Anti counterfeiting

mm; In order to effectively prevent counterfeiting, many famous wine production enterprises are constantly strengthening the anti-counterfeiting of packaging, from wine bottles to wine caps, from bottle stickers to wine boxes when the friction coefficient of the supporting surface decreases by 20%, from fragile anti-counterfeiting bottle cap labels to wine box sealing anti-counterfeiting labels, ----- Professor Wang Shiming of Zhongyuan University has established a set of multi-level anti-counterfeiting system for famous wine to test the authenticity of products. From the current Baijiu paper packaging market, many products have begun to use laser holographic materials, of which the most used is laser holographic anodized foil, and some packaging products also use laser holographic paper for printing. Due to the high price of materials and exquisite printing technology, they are mostly used in bottle stickers, hangtags and wine boxes of some famous wine products

2. Decorative

after using laser holographic materials, some packages not only play a role in anti-counterfeiting, but also show good decoration effects in terms of material characteristics, which makes people refreshing. Combined with appropriate creative design, they highlight the luxury and dignity of the packaged products. We can see the perfect combination of new anti-counterfeiting materials and printing technology from the printing effect on the surface of materials, looming laser holographic images, and wonderful laser holographic three-dimensional text arrangement, and see the omnipotence of manufacturers in artistic creation

of course, some packaging is not satisfactory. Due to the failure to better carry out the overall design planning in the creative planning, the blind use of laser holographic materials, resulting in the mismatch between materials and printing, affecting the overall visual effect of the packaging. The results backfire, and the lessons are worth summarizing

3. Unity

no matter what kind of material is used, it should be based on the overall planning of packaging products, and accurately grasp the relationship between product content and form. There is no doubt that content determines form. As a Baijiu product with profound cultural heritage, its connotation is rich and profound. How to use advanced laser holographic materials to reflect the most internal cultural connotation in the best form and achieve the harmony and unity of content and form must be accurately grasped in the development process

4. Cultural

packaging is a cultural phenomenon in the final analysis. The packaging design concept often reflects the cultural spiritual pursuit and brand value orientation of different enterprises in different periods. If we can inject the brand personality of the enterprise into the materials according to the characteristics of laser holographic materials, make use of the implied shape, line, color and the relationship between them, match with the exquisite printing effect carried by the materials, and use "meaningful form" to serve the cultural connotation of Baijiu to be expressed, we will certainly arouse the aesthetic emotion of consumers and establish the high-quality brand image of the enterprise, Meet the needs of marketing

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