Application description of Jilin project of the ho

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Application description of circulating water filter Jilin project

circulating water filter can enter the water inlet of the water source well into the filter body. First, the bulky sundries in the water body are filtered out by coarse filtration, and then enter the fine filtration for precise filtration, so as to obtain a clean water source that meets the needs of papermaking. The fully automatic self-cleaning filter itself has the advantages of low cost, easy operation and simple working principle. It is an economical and effective optional product for similar enterprises

II: application description characteristics of circulating water filter Jilin project

this analog signal has a wide range of market demand. The signal is changed into a digital signal through multiplexer and a/d conversion chip. 1 The filter equipment control system is sensitive and operates accurately. It can flexibly adjust the backwash differential pressure time and time according to different water sources and filtration accuracy. The y-axis is the set value between the miter coordinates

2. During the backwashing process of filter equipment, each filter (Group) shall be backwashed in turn; Ensure that the filter is cleaned safely and efficiently, while other filters are not affected, and continue filtering

The technology used to confirm the performance of a method should be one of the following cases, or a combination of them:

3 The filter equipment adopts pneumatic blowdown valve, with short backwashing duration, less backwashing water consumption, environmental protection and economy

III: application description of circulating water filter Jilin project application

recycling precious metals

filter the phosphating solution and cleaning solution of the workpiece

filter antirust oil; Ultra fine kerosene filtration

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