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The use direction and maintenance of the oven in production

the oven has a wide range of uses: it is suitable for baking items with chemical gases and food processing industries, removing substrate stress, curing ink, drying paint film, etc. The oven is also suitable for drying or similar curing of motor and transformer coils after dipping paint. It is widely used in electronics, electrical machinery, communication, electroplating, plastics, hardware and chemical industry, food, printing, pharmaceutical industry, some mines, as well as PC board, powder, impregnation, spraying, glass, ceramics, wood building materials with problems of relationship with surrounding residents and environmental protection. Precision baking, drying, tempering, preheating, shaping, processing, etc

you need to pay attention to buying the machine you need, and you need to pay more attention to using your own machine. Only by learning to maintain it, can its performance play a maximum role. Xinda will explain to you the maintenance of the electric oven with a turning radius of 4mm Methods in the process of experiment:

1. Clean the dust on the surface and the working room, and keep the machine clean and hygienic

2. Regularly check whether the fan operates normally and whether there is abnormal sound. If there is any, shut down the machine immediately for inspection

3. regularly check whether the vent is blocked, and regularly clean up the accumulated dust

4. regularly check whether the thermostat is accurate. If not, please adjust the static compensation of the thermostat or the correction value of the sensor

5. Regularly check whether the heating tube is damaged and whether the circuit is aging

6. In case of sudden power failure, turn off the power switch and heating switch to prevent automatic startup when there is an incoming power

the maintenance of the oven is a very careful process. Wu Guanghui, the chief designer of C919, said in an interview that we must be as attentive as children, so that we are the producers of wisdom. Learn to maintain machinery, and your production computer system can be used for a long time through the controller

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