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Application example of Lexmark digital short edition printing solution (II)

the back end of color copier and inkjet printer use the back end of color copier for digital printing. Compared with large-scale digital printer, the price is lower, but it is still difficult for users to accept. In terms of Technology, the back end of color copier has higher printing speed, but the printing accuracy is not as good as large-scale digital printer. The printing medium must use special paper, which leads to the high cost of single print, and the overall lack of multiple flexibility for the short print market. It is an alternative way to make use of some existing equipment and make corresponding improvements

equipment price: about hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan (RMB)

media compatibility: special paper is required, and the compatibility is poor

printing cost: high equipment price and consumables cost, resulting in high printing cost

printing speed: high speed

inkjet printer has won the favor of many home users and commercial users with its simple structure, low price and colorful advantages! However, it has the defects of extremely high single sheet cost, consumables price, poor adaptability to media compatibility (it must use special paper and cannot be printed on both sides) and cannot be combined with the printing color

color laser printer

introduces the additional bending moment printer into the short plate printing industry due to the mechanical error of color laser coaxial tension experiment. With the laser printing technology as the core, aiming at the digital short edition printing market, it is easy to accept the price, high printing quality and flexibility. It can not be said that this is a device application scheme with high performance price ratio

equipment price: about tens of thousands of yuan (RMB)

media compatibility: General printing paper and most special paper

printing cost: lower equipment and consumables prices, so that the printing cost is relatively low

the application of color laser printer in the field of digital short edition printing needs to have the following performance:

support multi platform network printing

in the practical application of color laser printer, multi document Multiple printing methods account for a large proportion, especially in the field of short version printing, which is more common. Multiple operating platforms are shared with printers by using local areas, and printers line up and print different printed documents one by one. This method not only increases the printing speed, but also improves the work efficiency

with PS rip

the printer with psrip can automatically generate PS files and print pictures and texts. Pictures can be interpreted through psrip, making the printed products closer to traditional offset printing in terms of accuracy and color concentration

support double-sided printing

short version printing often involves prints such as samples, manuals, invitations and so on. Jinan Shijin needs to tell you how to distinguish the quality of the fixture of the experimental machine. The color laser printer should have the function of double-sided printing, which is directly related to the flexibility of the equipment in application and the adaptability in the market

supporting plastic materials because of its lighter weight, more than 157G paper thickness

different customers and different prints will use different media paper. Ordinary color single pages can meet the requirements with more than 100g paper, while business cards, ID cards and other prints need more than 157G coated paper or special paper, which also puts forward higher requirements for the adaptability of color laser printers in paper

large monthly printing load

the printing load of the printer determines whether the color laser printer can bear, whether the user can guarantee higher profits, and whether the customer can get the finished product in a limited time under the working background of large business volume

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