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Xinpu Feike: Essays on remote seat application

the sudden epidemic has disrupted the pace of work and life, but how to quickly get our work and life back on track? What can I do as a call center practitioner? Is this epidemic a challenge or a new opportunity for us

as a bridge between government and enterprises and customers, how to ensure smooth communication in special periods is not only to solve the problems encountered by customers, but also to ensure the original pace of life in society and appease the anxiety and helplessness caused by the epidemic. From January 31, the first day we (Beijing Xinpu Feike Technology Co., Ltd.) started home telecommuting. As a marketing staff, I began to contact customers and partners remotely. In addition to bringing blessings for a safe new year, I also informed them of the company's decision. During the epidemic period, Xinpu Feike provided customers in China with home seat solution services free of charge

continuous communication has been carried out. I will introduce the working mode of home seats for customers in detail, hoping to break the restrictions of isolation through technical means as far as possible to ensure the basic operation of customer call centers. In my communication with customers, I learned that most customers have more or less understood the working mode of remote seats, and their concerns mainly focus on two aspects. Can our system do it? Is installation and maintenance complicated

the first topic that customers pay attention to is scanned by scanning electron microscope. Can our system do it? For this point, based on the construction method of customer call center, I will introduce several methods of remote duty, remote PSTN seat and IP soft terminal to customers, explain their advantages and disadvantages, and share the actual use effect in the project. Let customers fully understand all kinds of situations and consider them according to their own business conditions

the second topic is, is installation and maintenance complex? In my chat with a customer service supervisor in the medical beauty industry, I can see her demand for the remote seat mode. However, as a medical beauty enterprise with strong assets, as far as I know, it has not set up a special it maintenance post. Therefore, some customer service supervisors have a little worry about installation and maintenance. In this regard, I didn't emphasize too much on our 7 * 24-hour continuous remote installation and maintenance service with a wide range of products, nor did I exaggerate the professionalism and handsome of our project department engineers. I just simply shared some of their respects for customers during the epidemic, but also their support work of surviving the epidemic, patience, high intensity, high water, and then gradually decomposing to the initial raw material standards, as well as the praise of customers, It eliminates the worries of the customer service supervisor. Alas, perfect after-sales service is often so plain and boring

in this epidemic, some customers' call centers were built earlier, and some remote agent functions can not fully meet the business needs. During the communication, we learned that our RMCC platform based on pure soft switch perfectly matched the deployment of remote seats, so we paid great attention and consulted. Therefore, the upgrading plan for the existing system is also on the agenda

the epidemic continues, but it will not continue all the time. Work and life have to continue, and we are not finished yet

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