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Application characteristics of sterilization pot in soft bag packaging

the research on soft bag packaging (soft can) food was led by the United States and began in 1940. Now, soft bag packaged food can partially replace packaged food such as metal and glass cans. The material thickness of soft bag packaging is small, the heat transfer is fast, and the sterilization time is short, which better maintains the original color, aroma and taste of food; The packing material has light density, small volume, space saving and convenient transportation; It has a long shelf life and is convenient to eat. However, the strength of the packaging materials of soft bag packaging is low. In the secondary sterilization of high-temperature cooking bag food, many enterprises have strictly controlled the human, material, material and other links, but the products produced are still unsatisfactory. The damage rate of soft bags is high, and the phenomena of "overburning" and "cold spots" are frequent, resulting in low output rate and serious waste of materials

in response to these problems, Ningbo ruituo sterilization equipment Co., Ltd., one of the world's largest professional sterilization equipment manufacturers, introduced the latest German technology and independently developed the internationally leading "lh4a series" water drenching sterilization pot, which completely overcame various defects of the traditional sterilization pot in the secondary sterilization of soft bag packaged food

the main advantages of ruituo's "lh4a series" water drenching sterilization pot for domestic traditional sterilization pots are:

l. Because the materials packed in soft bags are generally sensitive to cold and heat and are easy to be damaged, ruituo adopts the "precise back pressure control in the pot" technology. In actual production, the pressure error in the pot is less than 0.01Mpa and the temperature error is less than 0.3 ℃. The project uses coal as raw material, so that the products in the pot can be fully and evenly pressurized be heated. In the actual application of customers, the bag breaking rate of soft bag products is almost zero. Some foreign experts believe that these error rates have reached the level of Germany's most advanced sterilization pot, which belongs to the world's leading level

2. The heat exchanger with independent patent adopts Lehui laser welded honeycomb bulging plate heat exchanger, which has high heat transfer efficiency, is not easy to scale, and the temperature is uniform during heating and cooling, so as to prevent the common "overburning" phenomenon of the existing steam sterilization pot on the market

3. The only "real-time flow accurate measurement" device in China is used to control the spray condition in the pot at any time, so as to ensure that the products in the pot are heated evenly and avoid "cold spots"

4. Heat distribution measurement: before each sterilization pot leaves the factory, strict heat distribution measurement should be carried out, and the error should be strictly controlled at 0.5 ℃, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of each bag of products in the pot in the sterilization process

5. Ruituo sterilizer adopts the "PLC automatic touch screen control" technology of German Siemens, and the whole process of heating, insulation and cooling is controlled by PLC. Adopting multi-stage heating and cooling process can reduce the temperature difference between the food surface and the food center. The rising and falling temperature can reach 16 sections, which is more than 2 times that of similar domestic equipment. All parameters are easily input by the PLC touch screen, and 30 groups of sterilization parameters can be stored in advance. When changing material varieties, you only need to call up the relevant sterilization parameters

6. Separate cooling water from sterilization water. When the flexible packaging is cooled, the circulating water that has been sterilized comes into contact with the flexible packaging bag, which will not cause secondary pollution to the flexible packaging bag. The cooling water will not be polluted by the material grease adhered to the surface of the flexible packaging bag

7. All parts in contact with sterilization water and products of ruituo "lh4a series" water spraying sterilization pot are made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is precision manufactured and the surface is strictly treated. This machine has met the requirements of FDA and GMP sanitary standards

the sterilization pot of Ningbo ruituo sterilization equipment Co., Ltd. is the only equipment that can completely replace imports in China, and has been exported to more than 10 countries such as the United States, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, India and so on for many times. Focusing on lean manufacturing, the company focuses on technological innovation and service innovation in the field of secondary sterilization. Ruituo company has a full range of secondary sterilization products, including double pot all water sterilization pot, water spray sterilization pot (side spray, top spray), rotary sterilization pot (water spray, all water) and laboratory sterilization pot. The company is committed to providing optimal sterilization solutions for meat products, fruits and vegetables, aquatic products, vegetarian food, poultry and eggs, porridge and rice, health snack food and other industries

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