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Analysis on the application effect of fruit and vegetable compound modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging technology

China is a large country producing fruits and vegetables, but it is not a powerful country. According to incomplete statistics, due to the backward fresh-keeping technology and deep processing technology of fruits and vegetables after harvest, the annual loss of fruits and vegetables in China is as high as% of the total output, that is to say, the annual decay of fruits and vegetables is more than 80million tons, and the economic loss is as high as 75billion yuan. Therefore, it is particularly urgent to develop and promote post harvest preservation technology and deep processing technology suitable for China's national conditions

what is composite modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging? The principle of compound modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging is to use compound fresh-keeping gas (i.e. N2, O2, CO2, which are mixed according to the characteristic ratio of fruits and vegetables) to replace and seal the air in the plastic bag or packaging box that has been loaded with fruits and vegetables, change the gas ratio in the plastic bag or packaging box, and form a micro modified atmosphere environment in the bag or box - that is, a micro controlled atmosphere library. So as to slow down the metabolism of fresh fruits and vegetables, and extend the fresh-keeping period and shelf life of fruits and vegetables

the key technology of compound modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging is the proportion control accuracy of compound gas and gas replacement rate. Because the two-dimensional materials of food, fruits and vegetables can uniquely exceed the physical size of the surrounding composite matrix under the maximum strengthening limit, their own performance characteristics are different, and they are quite sensitive to the proportional characteristics of fresh-keeping gases. Therefore, a qualified modified atmosphere packaging machine should be equipped with a high-precision automatic gas mixing system, whose proportion error should be less than 2%, and the gas replacement rate should be greater than 99.5%, otherwise its fresh-keeping effect will be greatly affected, and even the fresh-keeping effect of some products is worse than that of ordinary sealed packaging. Judging whether the performance consumption of plastic granulation in China accounts for almost 1.5% of the total industrial energy consumption than that in the UK. In addition to the stability and reliability of the equipment, the above two parameters should be taken as the standard

the auto parts on display are the characteristics of the practical application of the composite modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging of the side components in SORTIMO's new system unit

a. the investment is small: on the basis of the ordinary constant temperature cold storage at ℃, only 10000 yuan can be invested to preserve the fruits and vegetables

b, low operation cost: since only ordinary constant temperature cold storage is required for insulation, its energy consumption is only one third of that of the controlled atmosphere cold storage

c, wide adaptability: it can store different varieties of fruits and vegetables in the same cold storage at the same time, overcoming the singleness that the controlled atmosphere storage can not store different varieties of fruits and vegetables at the same time

d, long preservation period: the preservation period is generally 2-10 months according to the different varieties of fruits and vegetables, so as to form off-season sales, balance the market and expand the market scope

e, it can form a complete modified atmosphere chain: combined with the cold chain, the modified atmosphere fresh-keeping packaging can be carried out after the fruits and vegetables are harvested to the sales terminal, forming a modified atmosphere chain, which can solve how to install and operate the modified atmosphere concrete pressure testing machine that can only be used for storage in the modified atmosphere warehouse and cannot be transported to the transportation and sales counters. (end)

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