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Abstract: This paper believes that only by inheriting traditional culture, absorbing foreign advanced ideas, and developing beyond traditional culture can packaging design have both Chinese traditional nationality and globalization. Each different national culture has created different design styles. Cherishing and inheriting their own traditional culture and maintaining cultural continuity are not only the needs of social development, but also the needs of Chinese design to the world. Only by paying attention to the precious heritage of traditional culture in the development of design art, while inheriting the tradition, and firmly grasping the attention and pursuit of visual effects in modern society, can the development of design art have a stable foundation

key words: nationalized design concept innovative modeling


the development of the times has brought many new needs in today's mass consumption life. The continuous emergence of new materials and new technologies makes us dizzy. The influx of new ideas, new ideas and various foreign artistic trends has brought unprecedented impact on China's traditional culture and art. In this situation, modern packaging design is facing more challenges. Packaging design plays an obvious role in promoting the expansion of enterprise product image and people's lifestyle. The development of packaging technology not only reflects the scientific and technological level of a country, but also reflects the progress of spiritual and material civilization of the nation. As the dual carrier of consciousness culture and economic activities, nationalized packaging design, as a form of expression, is not only an important means to obtain economic benefits, but also a good design strategy, especially in the performance of some traditional time-honored brands and local characteristics

what is nationalization? According to the traditional understanding, it is localization, a folk image that does not cross national boundaries, a traditional folk culture and people's way of life. Therefore, nationalized packaging should be inherited and folk developed packaging of natural substances. It is a packaging form of the combination of natural materials in various regions in the process of packaging continuation in previous dynasties, but this method cannot be regarded as the only way. In the process of learning, we must understand that inheritance only depends on the continuity of material content. In the process of inheritance, we should face the new content of the times and understand the changes in various fields caused by the era of knowledge economy and high-tech, so as to guide our continuous development in the process of design innovation. In terms of form, the so-called nationalized packaging design reflects the combination of antique modeling and folk natural materials, and strives to display the cultural characteristics of commodities with distinctive national image characteristics. Therefore, national packaging design has the function of directly and indirectly displaying the cultural value of commodities. From the perspective of modern consumption and commodity packaging forms, innovation is the necessity of market competition and development, but innovation is not to abandon traditional culture and random patchwork. Innovation should be the understanding of form and content in the process of inheriting and absorbing new blood. China has its own unique and ancient history and culture, and has different economic structure and folk style from foreign countries. Traditional culture and folk art forms are deeply rooted in the ideology of the Chinese nation

1. national culture and design concept

every nation in the world has different cultural concepts and consciousness. National culture is its own unique language, mode of thinking, values and aesthetics formed by the influence and restriction of its own natural and social conditions. It is a concept based on people's life needs and beliefs. As a part of national culture, packaging design culture will inevitably reflect this concept and characteristics in the design, and update and develop with the continuous development of the times

in the 1990s, there was a concept in China's design industry that "the more national, the more international", which shows that insiders attach importance to national culture. Although in the new era of the integration of eastern and Western cultures, it is inevitable to lose its objectivity, nationalization, as a form of exchange and collision between local culture and foreign culture, is a necessary condition for the international development of national culture. For example, the logo design of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games organically combines the world-famous Australian landmark "Sydney Opera House", a modern building in the world, with the instrument "boomerang", which symbolizes the original National Games in Australia. This native and simple boomerang, with its own unique turning and bending shape, skillfully combines the limbs of the athletes, and then draws a smoke like torch with the unique shape of the roof skyline of the Sydney Opera House, which successfully shows the track of the combination of modern design concepts and national culture, From this, we can understand that internationalization cannot be separated from the soil of national culture. Therefore, how to show the nationalization of packaging design, I think its core should be to understand the value orientation of traditional culture and modern culture, and carry out creative activities that reflect the cultural characteristics of commodities according to the characteristics of products

as we all know, the Chinese nation is an ancient country with 5000 years of civilization, and it is also a country that advocates decoration. Chinese ancestors in various historical periods have left decorative heritages of different styles. For example, the primitive painted pottery patterns are simple and magnificent, and the frog temperature, fish pattern and vortex pattern, which have been refined and summarized for a long time, are full of vitality; Calligraphy art, tile patterns and brick patterns in the Qin and Han Dynasties; The lacquerware decoration of the Western Han Dynasty, as well as black, red and gold, is compared, and the whole shape is elegant and noble; The Tang Dynasty created the first Chinese rolling grass plant pattern. The rich and prosperous Tang grass pattern has subtle and harmonious color changes; The pottery of Song Dynasty is characterized by elegance and elegance. The impromptu ink and wash style in folk blue and white porcelain, as well as folk arts such as embroidery, paper cutting lace and auspicious patterns, are simple in shape and bright in color. They are the crystallization of the rich imagination and artistic creation of the working people of all dynasties in China, and have high application value. Nationalized packaging design is a form of expression that carries the design concept by embodying the national visual image. Local cultural forms should be refined and sublimated in the design, and it can't be copied mechanically. Of course, if we put the nationality of design above everything and ignore that the ultimate purpose of packaging and decoration design is to serve products and consumers, it will lead to the rigidity of design

2. Form characteristics of nationalized packaging

2.1 physical structure

different commodities have different forms and characteristics, and the packaging structure modeling needs to be designed pertinently. For example, the packaging shapes of traditional products and modern products, food and cosmetics, women's products and men's products, etc. they have essential differences in physical structure. For example, in the shape application of nationalized packaging, some ancient cultural relics can be used for reference. In the process of their spread, they gradually become a material thing with typical exemplary significance, playing the role of inheriting some cultural symbols, This is a transformation process of folk culture in design, which directly affects people's aesthetic needs. For example, imitating some forms of bronzes, earthenware, porcelain bottles, Terra Cotta Warriors and traditional parcel images, as well as the physical structures of folk gourds, dragon lanterns, wooden barrels and so on, to design and make the packaging image of wine containers, not only the appearance image has inheritance, but also contains the meaning of national culture. For example, the "drunkard" bottle looks like a full and tied sack, and takes purple pottery as the raw material, showing the sense of historical massiness. It vividly depicts the mystery, wonder and desolation of this land in Western Hunan, as well as the optimistic, bold, simple and frank nature of the people in Western Hunan, fully showing the characteristics of nationalization

2.2 traditional patterns

Chinese traditional patterns have a long history and brilliant achievements. As early as thousands of years ago, on Neolithic painted pottery, ancestors began to use patterns to decorate their lives and use decorative language to express their pursuit and yearning for beauty, As a kind of specific, it cannot continue to experiment: the reasons for this are: the oil pump does not discharge oil and the oil supply pump is insufficient, or there is a serious oil leakage when the oil pipe joint is under a large load, and there is another possibility that the oil viscosity is too low. The conceptual meaning symbols have a wide range of themes, rich content, diverse forms and have been circulating for a long time. It is related to the ideas of the people, carries a certain meaning or connotation, and reflects a certain relationship between man, nature and society, It has emotional color beyond the original meaning of perceptual image. For example, the Chinese folk embroidery art match overall packaging design, the packaging shape cleverly uses the Chinese clothing art of previous dynasties as the packaging design "2. Install the coat on the power line". Its artistic effect is simple, friendly, cultural and national. The packaging pattern uses the world-renowned four famous Chinese embroideries, which are elegant and luxurious. So as to excavate the thought-provoking connotation and a higher aesthetic taste

2.3 folk graphics

folk graphics are images with potential laws and functional significance in popularizing people's habits, which enable people to understand at a glance. They have strong symbolic colors and a strong flavor of life. For example, draw a few bunches of golden rice on diamond shaped red paper, and then write the word "Feng", which is a picture to express farmers' harvest and celebration. This graphic created by using homophony, which is different from folk customs Myths and legends have deep connections. Folk graphic decoration techniques are diverse, pursuing the artistic effect of perfection, integrity, symmetry and stability of the picture, which is highly decorative and symbolic. For example, bats symbolize happiness and longevity; Lotus and carp are used to compare the surplus in successive years. The commonly used graphics in the design include dragon, Phoenix, kylin, magpie climbing plum, Four Seasons flower, Pisces, crane, door god painting, lotus, gold and jade, fortune, wealth and longevity, facial makeup, shadow puppet, paper cutting art, etc. These folk graphics are often used by designers in packaging design to organically integrate folk art and design through modern design thinking, so as to achieve the best of both worlds. This picture is a new Maotai liquor, Han Emperor Maotai liquor, carefully blended with Maotai liquor aged for a hundred years. It is shown by its unique charm. Its packaging is divided into three layers. The outer layer is a packaging carton, with a golden foil substrate and patterns such as the luck of ancient Gong Tingfu on it. The front side is written with "Han Emperor Maotai liquor", and the middle layer is a set of copper boxes plated with pure gold, which looks like an enlarged imperial jade seal, with a water dragon on the top and pure gold beads in the mouth, I am determined to fly through the waves. Inside the gold box, a white jade porcelain wine bottle with two dragons playing with pearls and two glittering Jue cups are embedded in red velvet, which is classic and elegant. The whole package not only contains the glory of the Chinese nation's long-standing culture, but also symbolizes the rise of today's descendants of the dragon. In particular, it boldly and skillfully enlarges the jade seal of the ancient Chinese emperor into a copper box shape, which is refreshing. This kind of luxurious packaging, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has achieved the standard of long-term cooperation for material testing manufacturers, lining out the nobility of the wine and strengthening the brand temperament, Such well-designed packaging has contributed to shaping the brand

2.4 Chinese character art

Chinese characters have a long history and complete evolution process. In the process of development, they fully reflect the creative spirit and wisdom of the Chinese nation. Chinese characters come from pictures. They are both characters and symbols. They not only have the function of narration, but also have the function of decoration. Such as seal script, simple and elegant; Wei Shu, the font is simple, comfortable and beautiful; Clerical script, with vivid strokes and characters

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