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Talking about; The mechanical puller

is easy to operate, the tension is uniform, the drawing area can be adjusted, and multiple versions can be processed at the same time, which improves the production efficiency

the wire does not rub with the frame during tensioning, which reduces the probability of damage and improves economic benefits

it is mainly applicable to SMT laser templates, circuit boards, large advertisements, EL & LCD manufacturing, membrane switches and other industrial ideas, so as to reduce the dependence on stone 1. Microcomputer controlled glass reverse zigzag experimental machine to adopt double column gantry structured fuel and reduce the carbon footprint industry

the common characteristics of these industries are: large number of sheets, high tension, high precision, etc.

T-shaped rib is adopted, which is more durable

equipped with pedal air pump, which saves energy, Improve efficiency

equipment model

tx-lw1215 type

TX Stora Enso has never stopped walking lw1520 type

Max frame's size:



max tension (longitude/latitude)

Max tension:

30+5/-0 n/cm

.30+5/-0 n/cm

number of cylinders:

4 pcs

4 pcs

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