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Focus: China's stone equipment has entered the "Neolithic" era

focus: China's stone equipment has entered the "Neolithic" era

information on China's construction machinery

at the annual Fujian Nan'an Shuitou international stone exhibition, the beautiful and exquisite stone products can always attract countless eyes, but few people will pay attention to the "skilled hand" that makes wedding clothes for them - stone machinery and equipment

from mining separations to block cutting, from special-shaped processing to polishing grinding, the birth of all exquisite stones must go through various processes. It can be said that without stone machinery and equipment, there would be no stone decoration boutique that has entered thousands of households

"if you want to do well, you must sharpen your tools first." This year's Nan'an Shuitou stone Expo has attracted many leading stone equipment enterprises, such as Jingong, Shengda, Hesheng, Fuda, Shuinan, julun, Zhengneng, Hailong, etc. they not only represent the overall implementation of Fujian stone equipment, but also represent the current best level of China's stone equipment

among them, Shengda, xinfengyuan, Hesheng, Shuinan, Hailong and other enterprises appeared with innovative equipment, adding new weight to China's stone equipment on the international competition stage, and jointly opening the "Neolithic" era of domestic stone equipment

function integration into CNC intelligence

if you want to give a star award to the mechanical equipment of this stone Expo, it must be "Shengda machine's CNC five axis bridge stone cutter (cnc-)". The fatigue testing machine will be more intelligent in the future development, so it has attracted much attention because it is unique in the current domestic stone machinery industry

Su Yongding, executive vice president of Quanzhou Equipment Manufacturing Association and chairman of Shengda machine, told the author that stone processing has entered the era of precision processing, and traditional conventional equipment has been difficult to meet the processing of polyhedron. To this end, Shengda won the "five axis linkage" project. After more than a year of research and development by schools and enterprises, it launched this new equipment with independent intellectual property rights. At present, this project has been included in the Quanzhou "CNC generation" mechanical product innovation and application demonstration project

according to Xie Minghong, the project leader, the product adopts the independently developed five axis CNC system for stone processing, and the cutter can realize the movement of two rotating axes. The most difficult part of this equipment is to maintain the stability of the equipment and processing in the case of five axis linkage; The second is to give five parameters to the experimental steps, which is to be able to automatically deform and realize the machining of pentahedral complex surfaces

"foreign countries have taken the lead in the five axis linkage technology, but the function of our device has been fully able to meet the demand for imported equipment. Secondly, we have more obvious advantages in price." Su Yongding said that at present, more than a dozen sets of equipment with integrated functions have been sold, which has greatly improved users' benefits and product quality

After the meeting, the author learned that Shengda had a turnover of more than 30 million yuan and became a real star in the stone machinery and equipment exhibition hall

beside Shengda machine exhibition hall, the equipment of xinfengyuan machinery has also attracted much attention. The four machines participating in the exhibition have three national invention patents and two utility model patents. Caichongyou, general manager of xinfengyuan, told the author that the 4-axis infrared automatic edge cutting machine in the exhibition equipment is also the only one in the exhibition, which has the functions of edge cutting, plate bottom cutting and profiling

"one machine has three uses, and the price is very advantageous. This equipment has not been mass-produced. A few days ago, customers in Suizhou ordered three directly after visiting the factory. Yesterday, customers came to see it, and they were also very satisfied." Caichongyou believes that the current stone processing equipment has become a trend of function integration, numerical control, energy conservation and environmental protection. Whoever lags behind will be eliminated

a small step of innovation and a big step of benefit

entering the Shuinan stone machinery exhibition hall, a 4.5-meter-long mine saw blade is particularly eye-catching. Huang Jianming, the person in charge of the exhibition hall, introduced two upgraded equipment

"You see, the CNC high-efficiency combination saw we launched is a new reform in the stone industry. It used to be a single arm combination saw. Originally, a worker could only see two machines. Now you can see four to five. Thierry leh é naff, chairman and chief executive officer, said: Taiwan can save energy by 30%, and the output can be doubled. In addition, this new mining machine has been updated to the sixth generation. According to user feedback, we will change the traditional belt drive to direct drive, saving The effect is very obvious. " These new data all reflect the efforts of Shuinan people

Hailong machinery also innovates from the details. Not to mention product innovation, Hailong's preferential machine fighting activity during the exhibition is an innovative marketing. New and old customers present can win vouchers of 1000 to 10000 yuan through the traditional Bo cake in Southern Fujian

yaoshengyan, general manager of Hailong machinery, said that the purpose of the Expo is to gather more popularity, and then let customers have an in-depth understanding of the products. Hailong machinery's main equipment this time is still a fully automatic granite mill. It seems that there is no innovation on the surface, but the internal structure has been adjusted a lot

"in the past, the grinding head distance was 32 cm. Now we reduce it to 28 cm. This is not only the reduction of the distance, but also the adjustment of all internal structural parts and even the structure of the whole machine. After the adjustment, the belt transmission speed is accelerated from the original 3 M2 to 4 m, and the efficiency is improved by 8%~12%." Yaoshengyan told the author that Hailong is the first enterprise in the industry to shorten the grinding distance. They have always paid great attention to the innovation of small details. At present, a number of patents are being applied for

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