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Focus on 315 looking for real environmental protection coatings

focus on 315 looking for real environmental protection coatings

March 20, 2013

[China paint information] "people are looking for him thousands of times. Suddenly looking back, that person is in the dim light." In Xin Qiji's "jade case: New Year's Eve", this sentence is actually a famous sentence for thousands of years. Throughout ancient and modern times, how many people "find him a thousand Baidu" but can't, mainly because they haven't found a way

of course, what we are looking for is not only people, but also certain things, certain mental states, such as happiness, happiness, satisfaction, such as high-quality life, high-quality products

3.15, international consumer protection day, such a special day, or a special day, we found an interesting phenomenon in the paint industry: many people are asking "what kind of paint is good", "what kind of paint is environmentally friendly" and so on, or running back and forth in major building materials markets, constantly comparing, is to find the ideal environmentally friendly paint in their minds

this phenomenon is not unique this year, but has always existed. Is it so difficult to find real environmentally friendly coatings? In fact, careful consumers can always make the hard phase in the sample appear convex and inoculate the non-metallic mixture in steel and graphite phase in cast iron to produce the sign of "tail dragging" from some key points; We can see who is the real environmental protection coating from the technical indicators and details when the humidity is too small

interpretation: what is environmental protection coating

the standard for measuring environmental protection coating is divided into narrow sense and broad sense. In the narrow sense, the level of VOC is the main standard. This point, various countries have relevant regulations, but the specific content limits are different. According to gb18582 "harmful substances in interior wall paint of interior decoration materials 1. Whether the quality limit can be opened normally by opening the software", there are three key environmental protection indicators of interior wall paint: VOC, free formaldehyde and heavy metals. VOC is the most important environmental protection evaluation standard

generally speaking, the VOC content of interior wall paint in the "national standard" is required not to be higher than 200g/l, the soluble lead in interior wall paint shall not be higher than 90 mg/kg, and the free formaldehyde shall not be the same. The test structure can also be used to detect metal, paper and other materials, and the friction coefficient is higher than 0.1g/kg. Such standards are relatively low

in terms of environmental protection coatings with higher quality, various indicators will be more stringent. Take the European standard products such as the best-known environmental protection coating brand 3A environmental protection paint, such as younaijing generation II and aibaoqi, for example, the VOC content is not higher than 50g/l, APEO and PFOS are not detected, and there are no free formaldehyde, lead, chromium, mercury and other heavy metal ions

moreover, environmental protection coating enterprises will pay attention to the "environmental pollution" of the whole supply chain, such as the purchase of raw materials, energy consumption in the production process, waste discharge, environmental treatment and recycling

beware of "beauty killers" in spring decoration.

now the post-80s and 90s have become the main group of house purchase and decoration. Such a personalized group has a strong love and pursuit for color. They have gradually abandoned the common pure white before, and prefer to add some other colors to create a more beautiful room and a richer and more vivid living environment

please note that the "beauty killer" may have arrived

when we focus on the beautiful colors of the paint, it is likely that some harmful substances such as VOC and formaldehyde have entered the new home "happily". Therefore, it is very important to use real environmental friendly paint. The higher the quality is, the color used is also very environmental friendly, such as APEO and formaldehyde free, ultra-low VOC, fresh and clean taste. I have learned about it, At present, only a few domestic coating enterprises such as 3A environmental protection paint have adopted the color matching system with the highest safety level in Europe

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3A environmental protection paint colorful life experience center: home color experience

and this kind of high-quality environmental protection paint is extraordinary in pigment technology and coloring technology, which can very well solve the problems of easy fading and maintain long-term visual effects. In addition, the color scheme of painting is also exquisite. Poor matching will affect the living experience. More diverse, more personalized and richer home space can bring a very comfortable living experience, which is also a manifestation of environmental protection and health

looking for real environmentally friendly coatings

we found that during March 15 this year, some large-scale coating brands were very active. In terms of environmental protection and health performance, the "siege" action of 3A environmentally friendly paint once again triggered a hot purchase of environmentally friendly coatings with excellent creativity. As "the first brand of China's environmentally friendly paint", we can analyze how to find real environmentally friendly coatings from some core characteristics of 3A environmentally friendly paint

"one standard, two technologies and three brands", which is the consensus to find, identify and buy truly environmentally friendly coatings

I: standards refer to environmental protection technical standards. Now there are many standards for the evaluation of environmental protection performance of coatings, such as national standards, environmental label certification, ISO14000 environmental management system certification, European standard certification, etc. among them, the standards set by the national standards are relatively low, and most coating enterprises can meet them, and the vast majority of coating products can only meet such standards. They are only very common coatings with very environmental protection performance, and these standards involve VOC Clean taste, easy to scrub, mold proof and other properties

on this basis, it is not difficult to apply for ISO14000 environmental management system certification, environmental label certification, etc. enterprises with a certain popularity can achieve it. However, if it passes the European standard on the above basis, it will be much more difficult, and only a few enterprises can pass it. Xinlun technology said that in 2012, the whole line of 3A environmental protection paint products had passed the European standard, which was tested by the international third-party authoritative testing agency SGS with European and American environmental protection standards, and was the first to achieve the "undetected" standard in the detection of soluble metal elements, APEO, PFOS and other harmful substances

second, effect refers to the decorative effect. One of the core uses of paint is decoration. Different paint products are different in color application and overall decoration solutions, and the level is uneven. Powerful enterprises have long introduced space decoration solutions based on various colors, such as the "colorful life" coating scheme of 3A environmental protection paint, including environmental protection ecology, warm harbor, blooming hope, leisure space There are six kinds of romantic eternal and colorful children's dreams

third, brand refers to brand popularity and industry reputation. The core is word-of-mouth. Some enterprises invest a lot of marketing expenses, which improves their popularity, but word-of-mouth is general; Some enterprises are also first-class brands, which focus more on technology accumulation, product improvement and decoration effect optimization, and finally form a very strong user reputation. It is understood that in recent years, 3A environmental protection paint has won the evaluation of "the first brand of environmental protection paint in China", which is not only the consensus in the industry, but also the views of some consumers when choosing environmental protection paint

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