The hottest foamed plastic tableware in Nanning is

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Nanning foamed plastic tableware is forbidden.

disposable foamed plastic tableware, which was expressly required by the State Economic and Trade Commission to be eliminated by the end of 2000, is still common in Nanning today. Multi function: change different fixtures

in likelong shopping malls, popular shopping malls and Hualian supermarkets with high popularity in Nanning, disposable foam plastic trays are not only used to hold and cultivate clean vegetables, fish, meat, brine products, cakes, but also used to hold preserved fruits and fruits on a large scale. A person in charge of Nanning Hualian Supermarket explained that he did not create value. They also knew that the state had already imposed such a ban, but because the price of degradable substitutes was about twice that of foamed plastic trays, and the hardness was not enough, it was easy to deform, and it also affected the appearance, so in addition to affecting the uneven jaw, they had to temporarily use foamed plastic. At present, they are also trying to solve this problem, and intend to make the transition from foamed plastic trays to alternative products

it is reported that disposable foamed plastic tableware is still widely used in Nanning, which has attracted the attention of the municipal health, food and epidemic prevention department and environmental protection department. p>

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