The hottest foaming enterprises in Fuzhou, Fujian

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Fuzhou foaming enterprises in Fujian are weak ahead

the CIRC will release the minimum guaranteed interest rate of universal insurance on February 16, 2015.

in late May, foaming enterprises have entered the off-season, and the manufacturer's operating rate has significantly declined. According to the survey of five enterprises, both of them have broad utilization in the field of pipe insulation, and the average operating rate of the market is maintained at 50%. The development direction of the market with relatively light orders is water-based ink Solvent free inks and UV curing inks; In order to control inventory, small and medium-sized enterprises start work intermittently or produce according to order. At present, the terminal sales are not smooth, and it is difficult to recover the payment for goods, which makes the manufacturers unable to purchase raw materials, especially the manufacturers of recycled materials. It is learned from the recycling industry that at present, downstream companies are more likely to get goods at lower prices, and their settlement capacity is not good. They often negotiate to settle at the end of next month. There will be many problems in the upstream and downstream liquidity of the current market, and the gap is huge

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