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Foamed plastic tableware is forbidden to become waste paper. Dozens of small tables are set up along the street, and hundreds of consumers are eating their lunch with relish. A young mother is feeding a spoonful of hot food to a child under the age of 3. Used to hold lunch for these diners are disposable foam plastic lunch boxes that have long been banned from production and use by relevant state departments. This is the scene seen in Beijing Xiushui market on June 3

one of the main components of foamed plastic tableware is polymer polystyrene. After being abandoned, this polymer is difficult to degrade into substances that can be absorbed and transformed in nature. It takes about 200 years for a disposable foamed plastic tableware to degrade under natural conditions of normal temperature and humidity. Relevant statistics show that about 10billion disposable fast food utensils are used every year in China, of which more than 45% are disposable foamed plastic tableware

even burning these white garbage will produce a large amount of harmful gases. According to experts, when the temperature reaches more than 65 degrees Celsius, that is, when hot food is installed, foamed plastic can decompose harmful substances determined by Jinan testing machine and penetrate into food, causing damage to human liver, kidney, reproductive system and central nervous system

in view of these reasons, the State Economic and Trade Commission issued a document to stop the production and use of disposable foamed plastic tableware in 1999 in accordance with the spirit of the State Council's "on rectifying and eliminating the white garbage hazard", requiring that white garbage be banned before 2000

after more than a year, it is found that disposable foamed plastic tableware is still widely used in many places. Most people know the harm of this kind of tableware, both staff of catering enterprises and consumers, but they do not clearly resist it

in Xiushui market, a consumer surnamed Zhang is very familiar with the harm of foamed plastic tableware. However, she said that in fact, she rarely had a fast food at the stall, so she didn't care much about the determination of steady-state thermal resistance and related properties of thermal insulation materials by protective hot plate method GB 10294 (8) iso8302:1991. To ban disposable foamed plastic tableware, relevant departments need to strengthen efforts to crack down on the manufacturers of this kind of tableware

in order to understand the consumption and source of foamed plastic tableware on the market, I came to a food stall next to the U.S. Embassy that seemed to have a good business. Under the booth the size of two writing desks, there are three large bags of about 1000 disposable foam plastic lunch boxes. On the stall, there are also more than 40 lunch boxes full of hot meals

it was noted that in half an hour at noon, the female stall owner sold 57 lunch boxes and used 114 disposable plastic foam lunch boxes

pointed to the plastic lunch box on the stall and asked the stall owner, "are you using this kind of lunch box here?"

"yes, they are all newly imported goods, which should be clean and hygienic."

"do you know that this kind of lunch box has been banned by the state?"

"we also know this."

"then you continue to provide it to consumers, doesn't anyone care?"

"why is nobody in charge? When the people from the Administration for Industry and Commerce come, we have to hide."

"how many such lunch boxes do you sell every day? Where do these lunch boxes come from?"

"dozens of them. They are all sent by the manufacturer." On July 14, 2016 (1) seminar on the 5th (2 days)

when asked which manufacturer sent it, the female stall owner began to say that the foreword was inappropriate, and then changed to say that the lunch box was bought from the eastern suburb market. Finally, the stall trunk crisp said to him, "such a thing is not so rare. You'd better not report it. It's boring."

no matter where the lunch boxes come from, it is certain that those disposable foamed plastic tableware used by snack stalls to hold rice are new, which shows that they come from manufacturers

on the way back to the newspaper, I found that a considerable number of restaurants are still using foamed plastic lunch boxes to provide fast food and packaging services for guests. At noon on that day, a well-known Beijing fast-food enterprise specializing in fast-food express delivery services was still delivering fast-food to customers with foam plastic lunch boxes

it is reported that foamed plastic lunch boxes are still widely used in many parts of the country. It seems that most of the national ban has fallen through. (Chen Jieren) (China Youth Daily)

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