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Focus on FAW Xichai fine "core" service: attitude determines everything

poly needs to replace oil with appropriate viscosity to eliminate faults. FAW Xichai fine "core" service: attitude determines everything

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with the gradual promotion of China's market, the competition in the same industry is becoming increasingly fierce. In today's "separatist regime", the traditional "technological advantage" has disappeared. How to seek development in the competition and survive in the "fight" is a problem worth pondering for every enterprise

2002 South Korea Japan World Cup, let us remember the name of Milutinovic, the "magic coach" who led the Chinese men's football team into the world cup for the first time, and his sentence "attitude determines everything" also gives us a good enlightenment. In the new situation, FAW Xichai, known as the "China power expert", easily achieved a year-on-year increase of 116% in diesel engine sales in the overseas market from January to April. Xichai people have a good interpretation of this sentence with their positive, serious and responsible working attitude. How to take the initiative, make every effort to move closer to the established goals and win the recognition of the society and the audience depends on "attitude"

sincere attitude wins in small ways

in today's economic society, the service known as "soft quality" is no longer limited to specific industries, and service has become the theme of this era. Especially under the background that the market is generally adapted to the new normal, as an outstanding member of the manufacturing industry, the development of the internal combustion engine industry has entered a low-key and steady growth period. Stable system is more stable, and practical work is the first. There is little difference in new product research and development and product control between enterprises. The multi-party game has become a test of each other's "real service skills". The staff of FAW Xichai service station put themselves in the interests of users, pay attention to and pay attention to every service detail, solve the problems encountered by users, and do a good job in each user's power customized housekeeper

in many service stations in Xichai, brocade flags are hung on the office walls, behind which are stories of drivers and Xichai machines. The giver of the banner of "enthusiastic service and superb technology" is a truck driver, who said his "Xichai complex" was accumulated over a long period of time. He said, "I've been using Xichai Aowei machine for a long time. Except for normal parts wear and tear during delivery on the road, the car basically has no experience of overhaul. The building materials industry realized a profit of 477billion yuan. The only time to call Xichai service for door-to-door maintenance was in August last summer, which impressed me deeply. It was very hot at noon that day. I was running a long way, and suddenly the car had problems. I was very angry. When I called the service station maintenance master to repair the car, I couldn't tell What's the problem? The service staff listened patiently. They also asked about the specific situation of some vehicle faults. They soon deployed the service car and arranged maintenance personnel to come to help. The maintenance master told me not to worry, and began to check every link. He determined that it was' the auxiliary oil duct is blocked ', and fixed the problem with the right medicine. Before leaving, he also gave some suggestions on our usual vehicle maintenance. It's great to have such after-sales service, which makes me feel at ease. I'll buy a car and choose to carry tin diesel engines in the future. "

it is understood that a complete service process of FAW Xichai includes five steps: first hello, second understanding, third service, fourth guidance, and fifth return visit. That is, treat users with a warm attitude and let users' dissatisfaction fade; To understand the user needs from the details, so as to provide clues for quickly finding out the source of the fault; Provide services required by users with professional and practical work, shorten maintenance time and ensure maintenance quality; Guide the user in a responsible spirit, and let the user maintain and maintain the engine correctly; Treat users with family like intimacy and strengthen users' confidence in Xichai brand

stick to details, pay attention to attitude, and see the true chapter for details. The image of FAW Xichai service team is "planned", taking users as their relatives. When providing exclusive services for users, every detail makes users feel the "care" from Xichai. Over the years, word-of-mouth transmission has been an invisible force, which promotes the core service of Xichai. Therefore, the team continues to grow and improve in terms of control mode, speed range, experimental travel and tonnage of experimental machines, providing continuous support and solid backing for FAW Xichai to break through the tight encirclement in the international market and achieve good results

service precipitation brand shuojin

the perfect brand image cannot be separated from the image of service. As an important part of brand strategy, FAW Xichai officially launched the "core service" brand in the first year of the brand in 2011. It is reported that the coverage of Jingxin service is mainly to carry out after-sales service for the three major brands of Aowei, Hengwei and Kangwei under FAW Xichai, and the three major markets of trucks, buses and non road machinery

in 2013, Ji Yizhi, assistant director of FAW Jiefang Xichai, repeatedly stressed that "brand strategy is the highest strategy of the enterprise, and service brand is an important support for Xichai brand strategy." The launch and roll out of core services has opened a precedent for the exclusive supporting services of internal combustion engines, pushed the after-sales service of enterprises to a new height, and become a catalyst for the growth of enterprise brands

in 2014, with a sense of society and gratitude to users, FAW Xichai launched various service experiences and exclusive service activities, which were widely praised by public opinion. Using "bus physical examination, busy farming escort, Xichai service day, 926 back to his mother's home" and other personalized care service activities as carriers, the in place services have been carefully created into a high-quality "service brand business card"

service is not the only feature of Xichai. Attitude is fundamental

"I am an ordinary Xichai service consultant. In my heart, the essence of Jingxin service is sincerity. During my work, I have become friends with many car owners who have nothing to talk about. When you feel their hard work in order to repay the 'car loan', and when you see their anxious look when they find that there is a problem with the car, my colleagues and I will try to calm their emotions, quickly feed back and arrange the maintenance technician to repair the fault quickly, until he A simple smile returned to their faces. " Master Zhang, an ordinary staff member of the service station, stood in his own perspective, carefully perceived the needs of users and carefully interpreted the connotation of "core service"

in 2015, on the basis of consolidating the basic competition in technology, equipment, talent and so on, FAW Xichai continuously improved its own value and continued to create value for vehicle manufacturers and consumers, which promoted the upgrading of industrial enterprises' services towards improving services, because FAW Xichai fully understood the expansion of greater value space for service brands, The cultivation of the attractiveness and charisma of users is more derived from facing users, which is the growth point of improving the competitiveness of enterprises, and needs more consumer recognition. Imperceptibly, the brand of "Jingxin service" has been rendered with layers of thick humanistic care

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