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Focus: ASEAN gets rid of the economic crisis, the industrial machinery market is huge

focus: ASEAN gets rid of the economic crisis, the industrial machinery market is huge

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Guide: in recent years, the ten ASEAN countries have gradually got rid of the shadow of the financial crisis, the economy has developed rapidly, and the trade with China has implemented zero tariffs. According to the customs statistics of previous years, ASEAN only accounts for the top 20 countries and regions in China's construction machinery exports, while 6 countries and regions entered the top 20 in 2011, accounting for

in recent years, the ten ASEAN countries have gradually got rid of the shadow of the financial crisis, and their economies have developed rapidly. Zhejiang Province will focus on connecting with China in the Pacific trade, breaking through a batch of new materials in key areas, and easy to implement zero tariffs. According to the customs statistics of previous years, among the top 20 countries and regions of China's construction machinery exports, ASEAN only accounts for, while in 2011, six countries and regions entered the top 20, accounting for 14.7% of China's total exports of construction machinery and 20.2% of countries with exports of more than us $200million. More importantly, the technical level of construction machinery products exported by China, as a high-quality resin provider, is more suitable for the markets of the ten ASEAN countries. Therefore, whether from the perspective of local market demand or the development direction of China's construction machinery, ASEAN will become the key market to be explored in the future

Indonesia International Construction machinery, mining machinery, building materials machinery and building materials exhibition (indoicon bimex2012), CO sponsored by China Construction Machinery Industry Association, China Council for the promotion of international trade machinery branch and peragexpo, was held in Jakarta from May 17 to 20, 2012. Indonesia is the country with the largest economic aggregate in ASEAN. In 2011, the bilateral trade volume between China and Indonesia was close to US $43billion. The exhibition not only provides greater opportunities for cooperation between China and Indonesia in the field of construction machinery. At the same time, it also illustrates the importance of the Indonesian market to China

when ASEAN countries are actively undertaking OEM orders, it also means that the construction of their basic factories will be strengthened, bringing huge potential markets for industrial machinery. Especially in Indonesia, because most areas of the country are islands, and most of the population is concentrated on a limited number of islands, in order to cope with the future survival pressure, the development of other habitable islands has become a top priority, and the disguised construction machinery has added part of the market

the exhibition has received strong support from the Ministry of public works, the Ministry of industry, the Indonesian National Association of United builders, and the Indonesian Contractors Association to meet various experimental requirements of industrial and mining enterprises, quality inspection units, schools, and scientific research institutions. The exhibition area reached 10000m2, with 120 enterprises from Indonesia, China, Singapore, Thailand, Belgium, Malaysia and India participating, and the exhibition audience reached 20000. The exhibition involves two themes: indoicon, whose products are engineering machinery, mining machinery and building materials machinery; Indobimex, the exhibition exhibits are building materials, roof structures, stones, marble, interior decoration materials. At the same time, the exhibition also held a series of conferences and forums around the future implementation of investment by the Indonesian government and the laws and regulations of the mining industry, which provided a reference for further cooperation between China and Indonesia

in 2011, the Indonesian government also announced the public-private partnership infrastructure (PPP) plan, which will focus on the development of "six economic corridors", and strive to promote the construction of large-scale infrastructure projects such as transportation, communications, energy, etc., so as to form an industrial center with different industrial characteristics. We are ready to solicit 79 public-private infrastructure projects worth US $53.4 billion from private enterprises at home and abroad. It can be seen that Indonesia will become another focus of the construction machinery industry in the future

the construction of these large-scale infrastructure projects happens to be within the capabilities of China's industry. When China's medium and low-end industrial products are still good and high-end products are insufficient, this provides a vent for the increasingly competitive domestic industrial product market, which can effectively alleviate the fierce domestic competition. Carbon nanotubes can synthesize highly anisotropic heat conducting materials

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