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Focus on Chongqing auto testing technology exhibition to seize the central and Western auto industry market

focus on Chongqing auto testing technology exhibition to seize the central and Western auto industry market

in recent years, Chongqing's auto industry has developed rapidly. Chongqing is the largest auto manufacturing base in China, and one of every eight cars is produced in Chongqing. In 2015, Chongqing's automobile output exceeded 3million, accounting for 1/8 of the country, achieving an output value of 470billion yuan. It has more than 30 automobile production enterprises, four of the top 10 passenger car enterprises in China have settled in Chongqing, and more than 1000 parts supporting enterprises. The central and Western automotive industry regulation represented by Chongqing 10. The largest experimental space: 600mm (including collet) model Japan universal testing machine vertical manual spring tension testing machine is a simple one of the tension machines, which is growing rapidly, and there is a huge demand for automotive testing technology products

2017 China (Chongqing) International Automobile Testing and measurement technology exhibition, jointly organized by China Academy of automotive engineering, Chongqing society of automotive engineering, Sichuan society of automotive engineering and Hubei society of automotive engineering, will be held at Chongqing International Expo Center from March 22 to 24, 2017

2017 China (Chongqing) international automotive testing and measurement technology exhibition is one of the special exhibitions of China (Chongqing) International Automotive Technology Exhibition (Auto Tech 2017 for short). The exhibition covers test simulation, vibration test, environmental test, superior electrical high temperature performance, magnetic compatibility (EMC) analysis, on-board diagnostic system, noise, vibration and comfort (NVH), engine and exhaust analysis, etc. it will be together with ev/hev technology exhibition Automobile lightweight technology exhibition, car union Technology Exhibition and automobile electronic technology exhibition together bring together more than 500 auto technology exhibitors around the world to show the world's most advanced auto testing and quality to the majority of Midwest automotive research institutes, automobile manufacturers, auto parts manufacturing enterprises, etc. How do we choose that? The following is the selection standard: quantity control technology products. At the same time, the organizing committee invited tens of thousands of automotive OEM manufacturers such as Chang'an, Ford, Suzuki, Dongfeng, Hyundai, BYD, SAIC, Geely, general motors, FAW, BAIC, GAC, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Bosch, Continental, Magna, Tier1 parts suppliers, and procurement engineers from the laboratories of major testing institutions to gather and participate in the exhibition

in today's global economic integration, the development of China's automotive industry has become an important force supporting the development of the world's automotive industry. In the current critical period of strategic transformation of China's automotive industry, the importance of technology is further highlighted. Chongqing, the host city of auto tech, is adjacent to Hubei in the East and Sichuan in the West. It is China's largest automotive industry base with huge market potential. The organizing committee will set up a special exhibition area for automobile testing and quality control in Auto Tech 2017 to facilitate automobile engineers to visit, exchange and study. It is an opportunity for the development of the automobile industry in the central and western regions and for the majority of automobile testing technology enterprises. For more information, visit the exhibition station or consult Bao Wenjing 02386003010

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