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This method can produce a complete prototype of the fuselage shell without rivets, fasteners and molds. What are the safety focuses you don't know

on April 19, CCTV's "focus interview" column spent a whole period of time reporting on how to make it more capable, stronger and safer. This also reflects from another perspective that network security has become not only the focus of the information industry, but also the focus of the whole society

figure note: on April 19, the CCTV focus interview made an in-depth report with the theme of network security

as mentioned in the program: when the Internet becomes a new space for people to study, work and live and a new platform to obtain public services. People have complex emotions about network information: love, fear and hate. Love it convenient, fear it trouble, hate it disorder. In fact, security is an indispensable prerequisite for the development of informatization. Especially in the era of interconnection and big data, the value of data is increasing due to the interconnection of information. Building a security guarantee system for key information infrastructure in finance, energy, power, communications, transportation and other industries has become the top priority of network security protection. With the increasing means of hackers, how to quickly perceive and judge threats all-weather and in all directions has become crucial

in this regard, caizhengming, manager of the solution Department of ruijieluo security products division, said that China, as one of the countries most seriously attacked by networks in the world, many users will be unknowingly exposed to the sophisticated attack methods and security threats of hackers. Although many enterprises have deployed a lot of security equipment, security incidents are still emerging in endlessly, and the relevant security equipment often does not really play its due value. A very important reason is that we can't see where the security threats are

making security visible is a new focus for Ruijie to focus on and solve the security problem of simple and convenient network protection in the later stage. Because all attacks will leave traces or changes, only by using big data analysis to let users really see security attacks, can we solve and avoid security risks. The big data security platform rg-bds launched by Ruijie not long ago is a technological breakthrough in the field of network threat situation awareness combined with big data analysis and application. The product focuses on solving the technical problems of massive security log management and security problem early warning and positioning. Through the 6-layer in-depth architecture and 4-step intelligent analysis algorithm, using independent innovative technologies such as big data analysis model, it can clearly present the overall security situation for users, and can perceive and accurately locate the source of threats in real time

it is understood that in addition to the big data security platform, Ruijie has comprehensive security solutions in data centers, network exits, stations, etc. As a leading brand in the field of domestic data communication, with years of technology accumulation in the fields of switching, wireless, cloud computing and so on, ruijieluo has many advantages that are difficult for traditional security manufacturers in terms of 10 minute wide speed regulation range and beam mobile interval, high-performance chip development, multi protocol, mobile technology, big data and so on. Ruijie hopes to make full use of the genes of cross-border innovation to re focus on network security, and create more innovative products such as rg-bds from different angles, so as to make up for the weak links of traditional security, and also provide a safe escort for the vigorous development of China's information industry

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