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Focus on WorldExpo 2010 fluorosilicone coating annual meeting held in Shanghai

Huicong coating news: on August 17, the 2010 fluorosilicone coating annual meeting was held in Shanghai, hosted by the fluorosilicone coating special committee of the Chinese chemical society, the magazine "coating and reducing the generation of electric shock" and the National coating industry information center. At the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo, the participation of many paint and construction units covered the venues of the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo with different colors, showing the different functions of various paints. Fluorocarbon coatings also played an important role in the Expo. At the same time of the annual meeting, the "exhibition of Expo projects and other related projects" was held, and a conference on the application of fluorosilicone coating was held. The Expo activities in the same period introduced the application of some coatings in the Expo venues and the application of fluorosilicon carbon coatings in the Expo Garden and other projects

2010 fluorosilicone coating annual meeting held in Shanghai

China's coating production and consumption have leapt to the first in the world. Fluorocarbon coatings, as high-performance coatings, have experienced a period of rapid development in the past decades. At present, the common fluorocarbon coatings in China's market mainly include the following categories: (1) FEVE resin coatings are widely used in many fields such as construction, bridges, industrial corrosion protection, etc., such as "bird's nest", "Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge"; (2) PVDF resin coating, with weather resistance up to 20 years, is mainly used for coating aluminum profiles, aluminum plates and color steel plates. The coated aluminum plates have been successfully applied in Oriental Pearl TV Tower TV Tower in Shanghai; (3) PTFE non stick coating is widely used in cooking utensils and other daily necessities. With the promulgation and implementation of the standards for waterborne fluorocarbon coatings from June 1, 2010, the application of waterborne fluorocarbon coatings (FEVE, PVDF, fluoroacrylic) will open a new prospect

The WorldExpo is the crystallization of human civilization, wisdom and innovation; It is a grand ceremony to show the achievements of human innovation. According to Huicong coatings, there are countless creative Expo venues with coatings, including many projects with fluorocarbon coatings. Among them, Asahi's high-performance fluoropolymer film adorns the Japan Pavilion; Shanghai Hengfeng's water-based fluorocarbon coating and heavy-duty anti-corrosion fluorocarbon coating are escorting Nigeria Pavilion, Expo Axis, Shanghai Expo London low carbon Pavilion, Hongqiao hub project and Expo lamp posts; Akoma's PVDF resin coating appeared in China National Pavilion, Expo Theme Pavilion, Spain Pavilion and tourist service center; Shenzhen Baoguang fluorocarbon coating (hf6900) is applied to Shanghai Sanshan guild hall, while pp-lgf20 is the main material; The main mechanical properties are high modulus and high rigidity Guangzhou high speed railway - Guangzhou South Railway Station; Wacker chemical sponsors Hamburg house: silane protectants for concrete treatment, organosilicon sealants, ceramic tile adhesives and redispersible latex powder for high-performance dry mixed mortar in joint filling mortar, as well as interior wall coatings with ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOC) content, and donates interior wall coatings with ultra-low volatile organic compounds (VOC) content to the International Red Cross hall; Shanghai Sanyin exterior wall paint decorates the China Pavilion of the WorldExpo, the Fuzhou Sports Center venue of the Special Olympics, and Hongqiao Airport; Dow Chemical provides multifunctional and all-round innovative materials and solutions for the U.S. Pavilion and other pavilions, and advocates "healthy Expo, clean Expo and colorful Expo"; PPG's architectural coatings and industrial coatings play an important role in China Pavilion, city people's pavilion, France Pavilion, Russia Pavilion, Spain Pavilion, ship Pavilion, Theme Pavilion, Expo visitor service center, Shanghai viaduct and other projects; ASI paint's ASI ultra durable FM metallic paint, ASI solvent epoxy finish, ASI KD primer + ASI high pollution resistant high silicon exterior wall paint are applied to many WorldExpo venues and related projects: WorldExpo China Pavilion, WorldExpo USA Pavilion, WorldExpo Latvia Pavilion, WorldExpo Coca Cola Pavilion, WorldExpo International Pavilion, WorldExpo city future exploration Pavilion, light rail line 3, North-South Elevated recoating

because fluorocarbon paint is famous for its super durability, and many venues in the Expo Park will be demolished after the Expo, the excellent performance of fluorocarbon paint has not been perfectly displayed in the Expo venues. It is worth mentioning that the application of fluorocarbon coatings in buildings and bridges, especially large steel structures and concrete surfaces, has received extensive attention in the engineering cases shown this time. These include: Changxing chemical industry (China) Co., Ltd.: Harbin Institute of physical education skating hall project (aluminum plastic plate), Wushan Daning River Bridge on Chongqing Yichang expressway; Dajin fluorocoatings (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.: Shanghai Yangtze River Bridge, Shanghai Minpu Bridge, Jiangyin toxic plastic runway safety hazard bridge, Nanjing Dashengguan bridge, WorldExpo project with Dajin stone protective agent; Ningbo Dongsheng Technology Development Co., Ltd.: Ningbo Changfeng bridge, Ningbo Bund bridge, Ningbo Yongjiang bridge, Qingdao Bay Bridge; Beijing hangcai Baimu new material technology Engineering Co., Ltd.: Hangzhou Bay sea crossing bridge, Yingkou Minsheng bridge, Wuhan Tianxingzhou Yangtze River Bridge, Guizhou Huaxi bridge; Solvay (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.: Famen Temple in Xi'an; COSCO Kansai coating Chemical Co., Ltd.: Wushan Daning River Bridge, Nanjing Dashengguan Yangtze River Bridge, Wuhan Yangtze River Erqi bridge; Shanghai Yanyi wall material technology Co., Ltd.: Chengdu Mingyue Hotel, Jingjiang oasis Daxia, Southwest University of science and technology, xinbian Tumor Hospital

since the coating age of fluorocarbon paint can reach 20 years, many large buildings and bridges have chosen fluorocarbon paint. In recent years, the application of fluorocarbon coatings in wind power, ultra-low surface energy (antifouling), vehicles, coiled materials, inner wall of oil tanks, port machinery, cultural relics protection, aircraft, tower, pipeline interior, aviation, self-cleaning, glass, ceramics and other aspects has also received very extensive attention. This activity showed excellent engineering cases of fluorosilicone coatings, which will play a very positive role in promoting the application of fluorosilicone coatings

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