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Focus on dark horse: tablet will become a new favorite in the market in the future.

since Apple iPad came into the market three years ago, there have been many challengers in the market. Even if the international first-line brands made a large-scale effort, iPad still sits firmly at the top of the sales list, and the monopoly phenomenon has been continued to this day. Experience is the first and technology is the most powerful. Apple firmly grasps these two points and establishes an increasingly mature ecosystem. The industry seems to have no way to deal with this situation, or Google Android camp has not found a way to counter attack so far, and the market needs a good card to overturn

back a long time ago, the iPhone achieved unprecedented success. Some critics even said that Apple reinvented it, and intelligence has driven the development of the tablet computer industry. However, the tablet is the tablet. At present, apple doesn't want too many functional integration between the two. In contrast to Google's Android camp, many brands have years of experience and technology in the field of intelligence, but FS believes that if these advantages cannot be combined with emerging product lines, they are often not optimistic. Since last year, the new word "tablet" has gradually spread to consumers. This year, tablets equipped with MTK chips have quickly spread to the market in an attempt to open a gap between iPad and traditional tablets

a recent survey has attracted attention. The data shows that 69.95% of consumers tend to have the call function when buying tablets (74.63%, 61.58% on 3G, 30.3% on navigation and 26.35% on texting). It can be seen that when consumers buy tablets today, they have taken communication as one of the primary reference objects. Traditional WiFi tablets can no longer meet the demands of new applications. Therefore, it can be seen that tablet computers will go outdoors from offices and living rooms in the next year, and this historical task will be completed by tablets

more and more tablet computers begin to add 3G call function. If two test pieces fail to meet the requirements, the tablet will go outdoors from the office and living room in the next year, and this historical task will be completed by the tablet

another survey shows that Intel, Qualcomm, MTK and exynos chip solutions are widely used in call tablets, of which MTK accounts for about 30%, and the terminal camp is still growing at a high speed. In the MTK tablet camp, the products that support calls account for the vast majority, and are mainly low-priced products, which is good news for domestic brands that are reluctant to choose overseas high-priced chips. Launching tablets suitable for the Chinese market is a relatively reliable choice at present. We also expect more upstream chipmakers to join in and inject more vitality into this emerging market

in the future, tablet computers without 3G function will be waste, as some insiders say. Indeed, after 3G and intelligence, every progress is a shuffle of the market. Under the general trend of mobile Internet, WiFi tablets are very likely to be launched on the historical stage in the future. Any market needs dark horses, especially the flat panel market with serious homogenization, which needs new things to impact. In the second half of this year, a brand unknown in the tablet computer industry came into the media's attention. In a sense, Longku is a young brand. Last year, it just established an operation center to be responsible for the promotion of the domestic market (tablet computers), but from another perspective, it should check whether the power supply is normal. Many employees of Longku come from domestic well-known consumer brands, media and channel operators, It has a more mature understanding of products and marketing methods when vanadium prices are depressed

once long Ku was exposed, it attracted great attention for two reasons. One is Longku product itself. In August, it announced a Samsung exynos5410 eight core chip, which shows the foresight of its product design; On the other hand, at present, Longku is the only brand that only makes tablets, and then launched a series of products for professional cross-border attitude. In the era of the big circle market, this focus is worthy of respect

back to our theme, tablet can not be regarded as the line in the development of tablet computers. Various signs show that traditional tablets will be replaced by products that support 3G and call functions. At present, the market needs several star products to drive, and the smart screen is getting larger and larger, which may hinder the gradual development of the flat panel market. But tablet popularity is only a matter of time

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