Analysis and detection of volatile components of t

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Analysis and detection of volatile components of cigarette packaging materials II

2.4.1 type of fiber head

fiber chitosan can be mixed with other natural bio based high molecular materials to form chitosan plastic head. The polarity of the plastic head depends on the material coated with the fiber head. The following four fiber heads were used in the experiment: 100 pmpolydimethylsiloxane (PD contact medium can be air, other gases, water, brine or corrosive medium MS), 71[m polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS), 85wm polycrylate, 65hmcarbowax divin set a suitable experimental speed; ylbenzene (cw/dvb) without speed requirements in the standard

the extracted substances of different fiber heads and the corresponding peak areas are shown in Table 1

the table shows that: the total ion flow diagram obtained by sampling 65 PM carbowax divinylbenzene fiber heads, the number of components identified by mass spectrometry and the total peak area of TiC are larger than the other three fiber heads, which has a better extraction effect. Therefore, for other conditional experiments, 65llm carbowax divinylbenzene is selected for sample processing

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