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Focus on China's equipment manufacturing: Although there are many firsts, it is still big but not strong

focus on China's equipment manufacturing: Although there are many firsts, it is still big but not strong

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"the equipment manufacturing industry should become the main battlefield of China's scientific and technological innovation." At the executive meeting of the State Council on June 17, Premier Li Keqiang's formulation excited people on the front line of innovation, which will play a vital role in directly driving the continuous rise of China's construction machinery market and the comprehensive upgrading of China's manufacturing industry

Zhang Wu, a researcher at CAMCE international equipment manufacturing research center, said that equipment manufacturing industry is the mother machine of industry and the foundation of manufacturing industry. Without the upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry, talking about compulsory manufacturing is empty talk

"at the current stage of development, China is large but not strong in many fields. At first glance, it can do anything. Looking closely, many technologies in high-end products or core fields are foreign. There are still too few products that we are in a leading position and have a strong voice in the market!" Zhao Yanlai, assistant to the president of Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd. and general manager of the technology assets operation center, said that the state proposed to increase support for innovation in the equipment manufacturing industry at this stage, which is in line with the objective needs of economic development, "it can be said that we have caught the point"

"the output of most equipment products in China ranks first in the world." Su Bo, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, presented a set of data at a forum. In 2013, the output of power generation equipment was 120million kW, accounting for about 60% of the global total; The completed shipbuilding volume is 45.34 million deadweight tons, accounting for 41% of the global proportion; The automobile output is 22.117 million, accounting for 25% of the world; The output of machine tools is 959000, accounting for 38% of the world. In 2013, the output value of China's equipment manufacturing industry exceeded 20 trillion yuan, accounting for more than 1/3 of the world and ranking first in the world

"although there are many firsts, on the whole, the equipment manufacturing industry is still large but not strong." Long Xuewu, director of CAMCE international equipment manufacturing research center, said that after the 2008 international financial crisis, developed countries generally began to pay attention to the role of manufacturing. In fact, only with a strong manufacturing industry and a strong real economy can we better resist the financial crisis. The United States proposed Reindustrialization, Germany proposed industry 4.0, and we also proposed made in China 2025

however, how does made in China 2025 go? How can the equipment manufacturing industry become the main battlefield of innovation? How should the government play its role

6 it is strictly forbidden to process the diameter, number and speed of reinforcement beyond the mechanical rules. On September 9, Premier Li Keqiang told the entrepreneurs on the scene when meeting with representatives attending the third round table summit of the Global CEO Committee, "you just said 'made in China 2025', using 'made in China 2025', in fact, 'manufacturing' is more appropriate." Now, the traditional "make in China" will continue to be done in China, but the core of Chinese manufacturing should be focusing on "Chinese equipment". This requires the use of information technology and intelligent transformation

in Zhang Wu's view, the difference between "made in China 2025" and "manufacturing" is mainly reflected in the difference in development path. This manufacture is different from before. From the perspective of trade, we can clearly see the development and changes of manufacturing industry. In the past, China's foreign trade processing was often a simple OEM, "three supplies and one compensation" (processing with supplied materials, processing with supplied samples, assembly with supplied parts and compensation trade). Now, the emphasis on "manufacturing" is actually to emphasize that the development of manufacturing industry will take a different path in the future, and more importantly, the power of innovation. "Although it is difficult to make major breakthroughs in some core technologies in the short term, this is the direction of efforts."

as a university science and technology enterprise, Tsinghua Holdings has always been at the forefront of scientific and technological innovation. However, many people are familiar with its Zhongguancun Chuangye street, but they do not understand their important position in the field of equipment manufacturing. They have always been the industry leader in the production and R & D of radiation imaging testing equipment, high temperature gas cooled nuclear reactors, chemical polishing machines for large-scale integrated circuits and heavy industrial gas turbines. According to lizhongxiang, vice president of Tsinghua holdings, many major scientific and technological innovations involving national strategic interests are often done by focusing on the advantages of various fields. The overall upgrading of the manufacturing industry still needs to pay attention to the role of the "national team"

"the state clearly proposes that the equipment manufacturing industry should become the main battlefield of scientific and technological innovation, which is a major benefit to the University Science and technology industry." Zhao Yanlai believed that the state has great determination and strength to support innovation. The next step is to introduce what policies and how to implement them. Judging from the past, there is still much room for improvement in the government's support for innovation

in Zhao Yanlai's view, in the chain of R & D, production and demand, the government should not only vigorously support R & D, but also take more market means to rely on demand. "As long as someone wants to buy, someone wants to produce and sell. The problem now is that many innovative products are produced, but there is no market. Some customers lack the willingness to buy because they are worried about unstable product performance and other reasons. Because of the high cost in the early stage of R & D and production, products often lack price advantages.

"Therefore, in terms of scientific and technological innovation, we should not only encourage the raising and fishing of crabs, but also encourage the eating of crabs. In the chain of innovation, there should be a clearer division of labor, and each should have its own place. The government should adopt more means of market economy to promote innovation. For example, through tax incentives, the introduction of insurance for the failure of innovative equipment, and other means, we should encourage users to use more domestic equipment, guide the market, and thus stimulate the innovation of equipment enterprises." Zhao Yan said

Premier Li Keqiang stressed that the key to promoting "made in China 2025" is to promote "made in China" by placing two steel bars at the bottom of the test piece and aligning them with the two support lines of the test piece respectively. "Gathering wise people to achieve great things", we need to stimulate market vitality and truly promote the intelligent transformation of made in China through mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and with the emerging fresh ideas of more than a billion people

in this regard, long Xuewu believes that this means that we will pay more attention to the role of private enterprises in Entrepreneurship and innovation. At present, some state-owned enterprises occupy a lot of resources, but the efficiency of innovation is not high. The upgrading of manufacturing industry must fundamentally solve this problem

Zhao Yanlai stressed, "if the system problem is not solved, the innovation of the equipment manufacturing industry is likely to be motivated, incompetent, competent and unpowered. The first thing for the government is to create a more fair and efficient competitive environment. Improve the business environment. In this case, mass entrepreneurship, mass Entrepreneurship 12, machine weight: About 40kg new can play a huge vitality. This must be reformed."

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