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As the first leading enterprise of professional brand chain operation in the industry, sikasha has the largest design, marketing and service team in the industry. The brand franchise network with unified authorization and unified operation covers major cities in China and serves customers all over the country

as an innovator in China's soft clothing industry, hecasa sikasha will adhere to the development concept of "professionalism, innovation, CO creation and win-win", and work with colleagues in the industry to make China's soft clothing industry bigger and stronger, so that more consumers who understand life can use high-quality soft clothing products. Now, sikasha soft clothing has made more colorful innovations, and has become a rising star in the building materials industry. After more than ten years of vigorous development and continuous transcendence, it has grown into an industry leading brand integrating design, marketing and service

forge ahead and achieve a leading brand

sikasha soft clothing fabric art, the first in the industry to obtain China's 500 most valuable brands after two years of establishment, with a brand value of 200million yuan. It has the earliest design and R & D team in the industry, and its products cover famous middle and high-end soft clothing fabric art brands in Europe and America and domestic original products. Sikasha soft clothing fabric art has always adhered to the principle of "committed to creating a beautiful home for customers", providing customers with high-quality products and 720 ° worry free services, and has always been consistent. Therefore, it has won the love of consumers, won the affirmation and praise of many netizens, and was rated as "2017 China's popular home network brand". In the future, sikasha will, as always, work harder to feed back the love of consumers with better products and become a good brand in people's minds forever

global cooperation creates top quality

hecasa, with the vision of leaders and the level of experts, works with top design and R & D teams at home and abroad, such as the Academy of Arts and crafts of Tsinghua University, integrates twelve top international soft clothing fabrics and soft clothing brands in Europe and North America, and works together to bring Chinese consumers top soft clothing fabrics and soft clothing products that are synchronized with the world

dare to take the lead in industry marketing

hecasa, as the leading enterprise in the industry's first professional brand chain operation, has the largest design, marketing and service team in the industry. The brand franchise network with unified authorization and unified operation covers major cities in China and serves customers all over the country

Epee service creates worry free consumption

hecasa sikasha took the lead in launching the industry's first professional service brand - "sikasha 720 ° worry free service system", comprehensively upgrading the original service quality. The whole service system adopts the world's advanced construction equipment and service standards to provide customers with all-round and professional worry free services from product selection, bedroom matching, site measurement, delivery construction, to after-sales maintenance

sikasha not only provides the most intimate after-sales service for the majority of consumers, but also extends the "concept of customer service" to the service of franchisees, and strives to build a 720 degree worry free franchise platform with steady profits, efficient operation and scientific management for the majority of franchisees. More than 200 franchisees in major cities across the country are not only close partners of sikasha, but also the most loyal, rational and professional consumers of sikasha. Because of their understanding and trust, they chose to develop with sikasha for mutual benefit, and as local customer representatives, they promoted sikasha brand and sikasha soft cloth art to more consumers

a brand must rely on brand and quality to give franchisees confidence. Sikasha is such a brand that can give franchisees full confidence. As a leading professional soft clothing fabric integration supplier in China, sikasha has formulated its development strategy from the perspective of international competition, and continuously integrates global resources to provide Chinese consumers with high-end soft clothing fabric with first-class quality. At present, sikasha has reached strategic cooperation with twelve famous international brands in Europe and the United States. Through high-grade, high-quality, green and environment-friendly soft clothing products with diversified design, sikasha integrates the profound oriental culture with the western modern style, pursues the combination of aesthetic taste and practical functions, and brings a new trend experience and a healthier lifestyle





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