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Activity object: Wuhan home decoration net friend, Wuhan new house decoration owner

activity time: September 10-september 12, 2011

activity location: Jinsheng international home Jinyin Lake Plaza

participating companies:

Dongyirisheng, Jiahe decoration, golden mean Road decoration, Meisong atrium, Aohua decoration, Yezhifeng decoration, Jiuding decoration, Mingshi decoration, Tiancheng Culture decoration, aesthetic decoration, Opel decoration, Hongxi decoration, first-class decoration Face to face decoration, Meigui decoration, Puxin decoration

0 profit main material brands:

jinyitao tiles, fudeli flooring, Tata wooden doors, Langjing sanitary ware, European style cabinets, caizhou wallpaper, Rongsheng integrated ceiling, nuochengjia

Home, sikexin sofa, Quanyou furniture

activity mode: choose decoration companies on site and choose their own materials (Jinsheng mall)

transportation mode: free transfer throughout the whole process (Shahu Jinsheng international home furnishings, Hankou railway station west station bus station, Gutian second road light rail station)

number of owners: 10

four concessions:

the top ten netizens or owners who sign with the participating decoration companies at the home decoration exhibition site (each company is limited to one quota, whichever is signed first)

① the decoration company is responsible for the free design of all inclusive schemes for the decoration of netizens and owners, The material cost, construction cost and miscellaneous expenses of basic decoration are jointly subsidized by the contracted decoration company, Wuhan home decoration network and Jinsheng, reaching "0 profit"

② netizens and owners are free to choose home decoration consumables (including furniture) in Jinsheng store. All brand products selected are provided at cost price, and the same after-sales service is guaranteed

③ after selecting materials, netizens and owners will calculate the overall decoration cost, and Jinsheng will review and supervise the price to ensure the lowest price

④ Wuhan home decoration network and Jinsheng provide free environmental protection testing once, and provide corresponding authoritative data and governance schemes. At the same time, Jinsheng subsidizes the purchase of air purification products

attachment: in addition to the special products, the whole audience will choose any Weimai bathroom cabinet at a 60% discount, and choose a Weimai toilet as a gift. Please login for details 。

introduction to the real picture of preferential products:

the mysterious explosion price of faxilan sofa was announced at the scene

Wuhan home decoration network Jinsheng international home

details: 027-86646830




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