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Many parents will consider using paint when facing the wall decoration of children's room, because children often laugh and play, which is easy to get dirty, and it is also convenient to clean with paint. So do parents know what kind of paint to use for the decoration of children's room? Don't worry, Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network is here to tell you

I. Jiabaoli haini baby children's wall paint

Jiabaoli is a domestic private paint production enterprise, and takes the lead in launching children's paint products in the domestic paint industry. It is the only enterprise in China that can provide a full set of children's paint products of latex paint and wood paint, and has become a synonym and wind vane of children's paint products

II. Sankeshu children's health treasure latex paint

sankeshu children's health treasure is a special paint specially designed for children's room in sankeshu paint products, with all-round active oxygen antibacterial function. The product has the characteristics of ultra-low odor, zero formaldehyde and ultra-low VOC content

III. finlin children's painting children's paint

finlin paint is a Finnish digurila paint company established in 1862, which provides brand products for civil and industrial use to more than 40 countries. Environmental protection and color matching are the biggest features of digurila products

how to choose paint for children's room

1. Children are easy to move. The paint they choose must not be easy to adhere dirt and dust, and can withstand long-term scrubbing, especially the wall, which needs to have the function of convenient cleaning

2. When selecting paint for children's room, don't be greedy for small and cheap. Choose a brand with good quality and reputation, and ensure that it is 100% odor free, and the raw materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic products. The resistance of children's room is relatively weak, which requires special attention

summary: as we all know, many harmful substances are emitted from paint, especially formaldehyde, so we should pay more attention to the paint in the decoration of children's rooms. (recommended reading: how about children's room wallpaper? Children's room design instructions)

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