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Honesty is not only important for individuals, but also for companies. As long as door and window enterprises stick to the bottom line and use trust to shorten the distance between the company and consumers, it is the most crucial link

honest operation helps door and window enterprises carry out

door and window enterprises establish integrity, which can reduce costs and improve work efficiency. Door and window enterprises that gain the trust of consumers can reduce the selling costs and transaction costs. Whether it is the sale of the company or the transaction with consumers, furniture companies with outstanding integrity can gain the trust of dealers, central merchants, consumers, etc., and then reduce the waste of central delivery, payment and other links at all times, so as to improve the work efficiency of the company. Secondly, be able to establish long-term trusted customer relationships

the honest operation of the company will certainly leave outstanding impression and trust for customers, and then make customers willing to continue to cooperate with the company. Over time, they will establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with the company. After all, the honest operation of door and window enterprises can form strong intangible property in the long-term development of the company. These are the main components of the competition soft power of furniture companies, and can play a strong role in promoting the long-term development of the company

it is urgent to attack the door and window enterprises that pretend to be fake and shoddy goods.

with the increasingly fierce scene of doors and windows being pretended, in order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, many door and window enterprises began to make new moves. Stick a two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting label on the brand door and window goods, and consumers can scan the code immediately when purchasing, so as to check whether the goods are genuine. The two-dimensional code anti-counterfeiting is useful to avoid "Shanzhai", counterfeiting, etc. Through the one-to-one method of two-dimensional code, data number and commodity information, we can ensure that the commodity information disclosed by the company to consumers is really reliable, and then put an end to some existing scenes in the profession of confusing the false with the true and shoddy. Many door and window enterprises began to adopt actions and work hard on anti-counterfeiting technology, which effectively improved the quality and level of all occupations

abandon honesty and opportunism, and you will eventually suffer. The absence of integrity will ultimately hurt not only consumers, but also companies, which will face a crisis of trust and reduce consumers' desire to buy. The network is not only a platform to help the door and window profession, but also the media with the strongest public opinion. Therefore, door and window enterprises need to strengthen the construction of integrity and professional self-discipline, so as to be invincible in the fierce competition





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