Seven reasons for the price rise of doors and wind

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The price rise of doors and windows, which is not seen in a decade, has really begun. The directly related raw materials include copper, stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, iron and cartons; From basic configuration to packaging prices are rising; Including freight costs are expected to rise by about 33.6%. Industry experts pointed out that this is not only a sharp price rise, but also the beginning of a real business revolution. Due to the rising cost of the upstream supply chain, since November 2016, the notification letters of the door and window manufacturers about the price increase have snowballed to major channels and dealers. Since the beginning of spring this year, many factories have been difficult to resume production. Does it mean that this year's price rise will continue to spread, or even worse

reasons for the price rise of doors and windows:

the initial price rise of freight by 33.6%, resulting in the price rise of the whole door and window industry

since September 1, 2016, the "Regulations on the administration of over limit transport vehicles driving on roads", known as the "strictest over limit order in history", has been officially implemented. The transportation department has implemented a new round of "strike hard" on overloaded vehicles. The hidden rules of many industries that rely on "overloading" to reduce costs have been completely broken, and the freight unit price has been increased by about 33.6%. With the corresponding increase in taxes, the freight rate will rise by at least 35%

the person in charge of a door and window said: "the introduction of the overrun order has improved road traffic safety, but it has indeed brought relatively large cost pressure. The cost of the industrial chain of the entire door and window industry has risen structurally. For an industry like the door and window industry with large shipments and meager net profits, enterprises cannot bear the pressure of rising costs alone."

reasons for the price rise of doors and windows:

the price rise of brass and stainless steel, and the living space of enterprises such as stainless steel doors and windows has been squeezed again

from November to December 2016, the rising trend of domestic copper prices has soared in a straight line. Data show that the average copper price was 39890 yuan/ton at the beginning of last week, while the average copper price on Friday was 44900 yuan/ton, up 5010 yuan/ton, or about 12.6%

reasons for the price rise of doors and windows:

the price rise of raw materials such as plates and paints has led to the increase in the costs of enterprises such as solid wood doors and composite doors

the cost of wood container transportation in the world has increased, including that in Europe, North America and other six continents. The reason is mainly the increase of weighing cost, which increases the cost of 30 yuan per cubic meter of wood on average

reasons for the price rise of doors and windows:

the prices of glass, aluminum, stainless steel, plastic and packaging have all risen. Can the cost of aluminum alloy doors and windows not rise

the stainless steel 304 market may maintain a strong shock pattern. Taking the base price of TISCO 304/2b coil in Wuxi market as a reference, it is expected to operate in the range of 15000-20000 yuan/ton in 2017. The market demand did not appear in the first quarter, and the price surged at the end of 2016. The price is expected to be corrected. The operating range is expected to be 15000-17500 yuan/ton. With the release of transactions in the second quarter, the trading range is expected to be 16500-18500 yuan/ton. Then the third quarter entered the stage of adjustment and surge. The operating range is 18000-12000 yuan/ton. In the fourth quarter, it was consolidated, and the operating range is around 18500-19500 yuan/ton

reasons for the price rise of doors and windows:

after the soaring raw materials, the carton industry began to rise in retaliation

the calendar of 2016 is about to turn over, and the packaging and printing industry, which is still reeling from the continuous impact of the price rise tide and the environmental protection tide, has encountered a new wave of price rise tide early. Recently, app, sun, Guangzhou paper, Huatai, Bohui and Chenming once again sent a price adjustment letter to downstream customers, announcing a sharp price increase of 200-400 yuan/ton from January 1, 2017

as for the reasons for the price increase mentioned in the price increase letter, there are no more plausible factors than the price of wood pulp, the rise of coal, energy and chemical industry and logistics costs

reasons for the price rise of doors and windows:

the rise in labor costs indirectly increases the production cost of doors and windows

the price rises, and the actual cost of living increases. In particular, young people are less and less choosing the industry of doors and windows, resulting in a shortage of personnel. For example, last year, the daily salary of an ordinary carpenter was 230-240 yuan/day, but in 2017, it has generally risen to 260-300 yuan/day, and some well-known teachers even reached 400 yuan/day. At present, according to the calculation of working 25 days a month, a skilled carpenter's monthly income can reach at least one yuan, and the income level is far higher than that of ordinary white-collar workers

in the "bullish" situation of the whole industry, the price rise of doors and windows is the general trend. Many door and window enterprises have issued notices of product price adjustment

at present, the manufacturer said that the price increase can only be the minimum at present. A manufacturer said that the price of doors and windows will increase from time to time this year, so we should buy it now. It's really late if you don't start again. Consumers who haven't bought doors and windows now, please pay attention, seize the opportunity at hand, and make money when you buy them

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