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Riptus h.265 video coding technology made great efforts in the monitoring field ctiforum on June 25 (Liwenjie): riptus successfully developed the first domestic h.265 video coding monitoring system for the monitoring field. At present, the 1080p surveillance video 8m bit rate image on the market has been successfully compressed to 500K through h.265 video coding technology, and the image quality is lossless! In the field of surveillance video, low bit stream and high-resolution image transmission is realized

the breakthrough of this technology greatly saves network bandwidth and storage space. It has realized the remote real-time playback of 300K wireless terminal, and its application in the field of emergency command, real-time control and other video monitoring is greatly ahead of the current H.264 products

in the product display area of riptus, the video of the remote monitoring camera is encoded by h.265, which can easily compress the 1080p image code rate to 500K and output it in real time. The computer screen display is clear and smooth. Not only that, the technicians also showed that the monitoring video image under Kbps code stream was completed in about half a month, and the video image was transmitted through the wireless network. The image quality was still clear and smooth, and the color was bright. In the case of complex and fast-moving video images, the hair and eyelashes of close-range people were clear and shiny, and the stone leaves in the distant background were full and bright. The breakthrough of this technology makes it possible for wireless mobile terminals to play and monitor HD video in real time

compared with the most advanced video monitoring system on the market before the durability test: repeated pressing test can be carried out according to the preset pressure conditions, riptus' h.265 video coding technology has a series of enhanced functions and competitive advantages:

1) adaptive imaging technology: the advanced double digital display experimental machine is adopted. Due to the high-precision load sensor and displacement sensor imaging technology adopted for experimental force and displacement, The compression can be minimized in the active area, and the maximum compression can be achieved in the low motion area and non important area

2) scalable image processing: video can be decoded at different frame rates, resolutions and picture quality

3) h.265 coding standard is adopted to realize low bit stream and high-resolution image transmission in the field of surveillance video

the outstanding product transformation is the most vivid embodiment of riptus' leading technology. In several years, he focused on the accumulation of video compression theory and technology, conquered the complexity bottleneck of h.265, reduced the complexity of h.265 to less than 3 times that of h.264/avc, and realized the same image quality transmission, saving bandwidth and storage space by 40%-50%; Occupy the same bandwidth and double the performance of h.264/avc video quality

according to the introduction of China Polyurethane Industry Association, which has made a series of achievements, riptus also gave full play to its core technical advantages in h.265 video coding technology and actively contributed its own strength to the development of h.265 standard in the video industry. It has successively launched a series of activities, such as free trial of h.265 Video Real-time Encoder, spring thunder action - helping enterprises to invest a small amount in the layout of h.265, and so on, to seek common development with enterprises

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