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Right and wrong: test your IQ in repeatable sealed packaging. In order to meet consumers' requirements for higher convenience of packaging, the application of repeatable sealed packaging solutions is becoming more and more common. Here are some IQ tests about repeatable sealed packaging, which challenge your knowledge in this field. Some of the answers may surprise you

1. The reusable sealed flexible packaging will continue to show its strength in the food field, and the demand in the non food field is also expanding

yes. The food sector remains the largest market for resealable packaging, while the retail non food market represents the second largest customer base with rapid growth. The market includes a wide variety of items, such as household products, pet food, gardening supplies, nutritional supplements and cosmetics. The application of non food resealable flexible packaging is mainly in medicine, agriculture and industry. Repeatable sealing technology manufacturers continue to improve their processes and products to meet the requirements of packaging companies in different application fields

2. Only pillow bags can take advantage of the resealable packaging characteristics

wrong. With the continuous innovation and improvement of resealable packaging technology, manufacturers can now apply resealable sealing features to almost any type of flexible packaging bag, such as zippers. The types of packaging bags that can use zippers include back cover (or reinforcement), pillow type, upright bag type, three or four side seal and thermoforming type. According to different sizes of packaging bags, there are various zippers suitable for small size to heavy-duty large-size packaging bags

generally speaking, zippers can be selected according to the resin compatibility with the bag material. There are polypropylene compatible zippers, PVC zippers and even degradable plastic zippers suitable for different bag materials in the market. The resealable zipper technology can now even be applied to multi-layer paper bags. Your zipper supplier should be able to help select the repeatable sealing solution that best suits your bag size, type and material

3. Packers can choose a wide variety of resealable zippers to adapt to different packaging bags and types of packaging equipment

yes. Different zipper technologies can be used on all kinds of resealable packaging machines to meet specific production and performance requirements. There are at least 200 zippers on the market, which can support different machine configurations, such as vertical forming/filling/sealing, horizontal forming/filling/sealing, thermoforming/filling/sealing, and prefabricated bag formats. Zipper suppliers and OEMs can help you choose the zipper that suits your equipment, bag type and product

4. The cheapest and fastest way to add repeatable seals is to buy off the shelf bags from middlemen

wrong. This is not always the case. The cost and production efficiency will vary according to the existing systems and currently available resources at each packaging site. With the repeatable sealing zipper, the manufacturer can choose the following three methods:

i. purchase a brand-new equipment that can automatically add zippers for forming, filling and sealing zipper bags. This is often the easiest approach, but usually requires the largest amount of capital investment

ii. Modify the existing equipment according to the zipper installation method. If there is a proven modification method, this may be the fastest and most cost-effective method

iii. cooperate with bag middlemen who have the ability to change the zipper of the current bag. This is a good way to quickly test the market for new packaging or enter the market with limited investment funds

each method has its advantages based on time or economic factors. You can directly consult your zipper supplier, or ask to contact the supplier's global OEM partners to learn the specific information that best suits your company's needs

5. Consumers are resistant to the corresponding price increase of adding zippers to flexible packaging

wrong. Growing demands for convenience and product protection are driving an increasing demand for resealable packaging solutions. The panel survey (conducted anonymously by a research institution) shows that consumers welcome zipper packaging and are willing to pay extra for the additional convenience they value more

for manufacturers, according to the above methods, zippers can generally be integrated into any packaging production line at a low cost. Although adding zippers will involve some input costs, the unit cost of zipper materials is negligible. For example, the average cost of a press zipper per bag is only 0 A little more cents

6. Repeatable sealed packaging is not suitable for granular or powdery products

wrong. For powdery or granular articles, a professional zipper with a patented "drain" can be used to prevent the articles from blocking the zipper track when resealing. Compared with the conventional press zipper used for powder products, this zipper can make the seal cleaner and is widely recognized by the majority of consumers

for example, arm hammer successfully launched its baking powder in a large size repeatable vertical bag with this zipper. The packaged products continue to sell well, especially in large stores

7. Some foods cannot be packed in resealable packaging bags due to high temperature during processing

wrong. The digestible zipper is also applicable to the repeatable sealed packaging of foods that need to be cooked at high temperature during processing. During the packaging bag forming, the steamable fatigue test refers to the metal material test to determine that the ⑴ boiled zipper of the metal material will not degrade or melt under high temperature. It will retain its shape and can be re sealed long after the cooking and packaging process. The digestible zipper can be used for the packaging of tuna and other products, even pharmaceuticals and medical products

8. By catering to the growing group of the elderly, brand manufacturers can expand their market share

yes. Many parts of the world are facing more and more aging population problems. Many companies around the world are pulling resources to better meet the needs of the elderly. For example, many manufacturers have expanded their market share by making their product packaging easier to open and close. Repeatable sealing zipper is one of the important methods to improve the convenience of packaging. As a more convenient packaging and sealing, sliding zippers (zippers with sliding clips for opening and repeated sealing) are favored by people, especially young children and the elderly. With the sliding zipper, the packaging bag can be easily and completely sealed, the food in the bag can be kept fresher and longer, and non food items can also be safely packed

9. Resealable packaging technology is becoming more and more popular, but it is limited to the cheese and meat markets in North America

wrong. Resealable packaging is actually global. In North America, the trend of resealable flexible packaging began with the application of meat and cheese products; In Latin America, zipper packed powder products, meat slices and agricultural products are very popular. This trend began in the packaging of meat, cheese, pet food and other products in Europe; In Asia, it is mainly used to change the operating principle of the seaweed experiment machine. There is a fundamentally fixed chuck, nut and powder beverage prefabricated bag on the experiment machine body. Resealable zippers are also expanding rapidly in Australia and New Zealand, and are popular in dairy, frozen food and pet food markets. The use of resealable zippers in some applications is faster than in others. It can be seen that brands in different markets (whether food or non food) are expecting the zipper solution to provide greater convenience, which is the eternal trend of repeatable sealing

10. Globally, leading brands have realized the increase in sales due to the application of repeatable sealing features on flexible packaging

yes. Brands around the world have experienced increasing sales and consumers due to the increased convenience of resealable packaging, and success stories happen every day. In the United States, a French fries was recently repackaged in a repeatable vertical packaging bag, using ICX (Global modified process 1) technology to provide greater convenience for adults and children. The product has been sold in cardboard cans for about 70 years, but this change has been highly praised by both original and new customers. La Reina, the largest sugar brand in Mexico, has also changed from the traditional boxed inner bag packaging to the reusable pillow bag, which has been widely recognized by consumers. In Taiwan, tianrenming tea repackages its tea in a vertical bag that can be repeatedly sealed, which improves the visibility of the product on the shelf and provides customers with brand-new convenience. This change has been recognized by customers, and it is easy to cause very serious consequences each time a new product is launched; For another example, the monthly sales of spring packaging used for shock absorbers rose sharply

the field of repeatable sealed packaging continues to expand. With more and more urgent demands for time from consumers around the world, commodity manufacturers must face up to the growing demand for convenience of zipper sealing

information source: packaging vertical and horizontal

robert E. Hogan, director of international sales and marketing of zip Pak company

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