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Qingdao is now "road lifting brother"! Under the scorching sun, they incarnate into human poles

good job! At about 11:00 a.m. on August 20, opposite the bus station on Wan'an Road, an inclined wooden pole was scraped off by a large truck, and the line fell to the ground, making it impossible for vehicles to pass normally. After the discovery by wangdeli, the driver of the fifth branch of Shibei bus, and Wang Tao, the staff, they took turns to hold the line for more than 2 hours in the scorching sun. The traffic order was not restored until the emergency repair personnel arrived at the scene. This scene was also photographed by friends and posted on the Internet. Everyone praised them one after another and called them "brother of road lifting"

▲ Wang Tao and Wang Deli lift cables

At about 11 a.m. on the 20th, Wang Deli, a driver of No. 322 Road, drove to Wan'an Road station and found a wooden pole opposite the station collapsed, and a bundle of black lines with thick arms fell in the middle of the road. Passing vehicles dared not move forward rashly, which seriously hindered the traffic and affected the safety of passing pedestrians. "Seeing a bundle of thin and thick wires hanging in the middle of the road, many car owners stopped their cars. Not only did the vehicles fail to pass normally, but passers-by were also afraid of wire leakage." Wangdeli said

▲ damaged pole

in order to alleviate the road congestion, wangdeli immediately called his colleague Wang Tao, who together stopped in front of the falling line with their bodies and signaled to oncoming vehicles that there was danger ahead. At the same time, put a safety helmet in front of the line to prompt the vehicle ahead what materials and how much speed to slow down. In order to allow the vehicles to pass normally and reduce the congestion on the road, wangdeli climbed to the tree to set up one side of the falling line. On the other side, he found a wooden stick from the bushes and held the line above his head with a wooden stick. Due to the long service time of the wire, some areas of the outer insulation layer are damaged. Worried about the danger of electric shock to passing vehicles and pedestrians, wangdeli and Wang Tao alternate. One person directs the vehicles to pass, and the other person lifts the line. When his hands are sour, he exchanges his left and right hands to continue lifting

the lifting line lasted for 2 hours, and was called "road lifting brother" by passing drivers at about 13:00 p.m., with the scorching sun at the head. At this time, wangdeli and Wang Tao had been holding the line for nearly one and a half hours in turn. Their arms were numb and swollen, and sweat flowed down their cheeks to their eyes. Many passing drivers were moved by this warm-hearted behavior. They rolled down their windows and gave their thumbs up to thank them softly as they drove past them. Some people took photos and sent them to their circle of friends, calling them "brother road lifting". As of 13:35 p.m., the emergency repair personnel rushed to the scene to deal with the dropped line, and the two people left silently after the road resumed normal traffic. This lift ensured the smooth traffic of Wan'an road and Ruichang Road, and ensured the normal travel of citizens

when Wang Deli was contacted, he said with embarrassment that he didn't know how to deal with such a thing for the first time. At that time, he didn't think carefully about whether the line would leak electricity. He just touched it with his hand and found that there was no leakage, so he lifted it up with a wooden stick to let the vehicle pass normally. Afterwards, I learned that this dropped line is a communication line connecting various networks, and there is still current in it. "If the insulation layer is broken or accidentally touched due to improper operation, there is still a risk of electric shock." A repair personnel said

Qingdao bus drivers have also done these good deeds...

when they encounter a car, they are knocked down at two corners, and one person is trapped.

123 road driver and passengers carry the car to save people

Qingdao/Qingdao view/Qingdao news on the morning of August 20, a thrilling scene was staged at the intersection of Heilongjiang Road and Jinshui road in Licang District. An engineering vehicle collided with a car when it reached the fifth fork of the road. The engineering vehicle overturned on the road and the driver in the vehicle was trapped. Seeing this, yuanxianjun, the driver of the No. 123 bus passing by, immediately stopped the bus in a safe area and rushed to the scene to carry the car to save people. Finally, with the efforts of yuanxianjun and several passengers, the trapped driver was rescued

▲ the moment when the car is hit

"all passengers, please wait a moment. I'll save someone!" At about 10:40 a.m. on the 20th, yuanxianjun, the driver of No. 123 bus company of Licang bus group, drove to the intersection of Heilongjiang Road and Jinshui road. He was shocked by the scene in front of him and broke out in a cold sweat. "At that time, through observation, it was found that the driver was sitting alone in the car, struggling to climb out of the car, as if he were trapped in the car." Yuanxianjun said that at that time, the situation was urgent, and he just wanted to carry the car to save people. However, considering the safety of the passengers in the carriage and avoiding traffic congestion, he started the car to park in a safe area and then returned to the scene of the accident. After seeing the driver rushing to the scene of the accident, many passengers in the car also took the initiative to get off and help. Finally, with everyone's efforts, they lifted the car straight and rescued the trapped driver from the accident vehicle. Seeing that the rescued man's efforts to strengthen the high-end brand and foster children were no big deal, yuanxianjun returned to the carriage with the passengers and left

Mr. Sun, the passenger who participated in the rescue, witnessed the whole process of the accident in the car. "At that time, I was so scared that when I saw the driver rushing to lift the car, I realized that I wanted to save people, so I hurried out and lifted the car straight." Mr. Sun said that after the driver in the car was rescued, there was no serious problem visually, but there were several bruises on his body

▲ the driver gets off to help

coincidentally. A few days ago, litingzhi, the driver of No. 511 road of the West Coast branch of the transportation warm bus, was driving to the Yingzhong bridge in Guzhen when he found that a red car in front of him was running abnormally. With years of driving experience, litingzhi immediately slowed down the speed, pulled away from the car and paid close attention to the dynamics of the red car. Suddenly, a breathtaking scene came into his eyes: the red car slammed into the roadside barrier

seeing this, litingzhi immediately stopped the bus at the roadside safety zone and ran off to check the condition of the injured while talking to the passengers to save them. At the same time, he called 110 for alarm and 120 for first aid. A few minutes later, the ambulance arrived in time. Litingzhi and other private car owners assisted the ambulance personnel of the 120 ambulance to carry the injured into the ambulance. Seeing that the injured and the ambulance were far away, litingzhi helped clean up the scene, and then left the accident site to continue the operation task. It is understood that the two people in the car were a newly married couple who had an accident due to fatigue driving on the way back to their parents' home

roadside spontaneous combustion of private cars is urgent. The car owner

tunnel 1 road drivers and passengers work together to put out the fire and solve the dilemma

Qingdao/Qingdao view/Youth Daily News at about 18:24 p.m. on August 17, near the Bashan farmers' wholesale market on Jialing Jiangxi Road, a private car spontaneously ignited, and smoke billowed from the front hood. The situation was very critical. Xiamingxin, the driver of the tunnel 1 route, found a dangerous situation when driving through this place, and immediately joined hands with the steward of the same train to put out the fire. After consuming two 3kg dry powder fire extinguishers, he finally put out the fire and solved the dilemma for the owner

▲ the private car burns spontaneously, and the front cover emits thick smoke

according to xiamingxin, the driver of the tunnel 1 route of the second branch of the tunnel bus company of the public transport group, he was driving the tunnel 1 bus with a levelness of 0.2/1000 from Dayaogou to Shankeda. When he came to Jialing Jiangxi Road near the Bashan farmer's market, he suddenly found a private car parked on the south side of the road, with billowing white smoke at the front. "At first I thought it was steam. After a close look, I found something wrong. After a short communication with the attendant caiyue, we immediately concluded that the vehicle was on fire." The situation was critical. Xiamingxin immediately pulled over, turned off the engine, tightened the hand brake, pulled out the switch key that would affect the stability of the voltage regulation function if it was deformed, got up quickly, took down the fire extinguisher with his left hand, picked up the cover wood with his right hand, rushed out of the car, covered the wheels, and rushed to the scene of the accident. Cai Yue also rushed to the back door, took down another fire extinguisher, quickly got off the back door and rushed to the spontaneous combustion vehicle

▲ Cai Yue, the steward, helped to put out the fire

xiamingxin told that at that time, due to the heavy smoke at the head of private cars, all passing vehicles slowed down and gave way. The scene was very chaotic and caused traffic congestion. "When I got to the front of the car, the private car was already emitting black smoke, and flames were emerging. The situation was very critical. Because the small fire extinguisher on the private car was invalid, the male owner had to stand beside and worry, while the people passing by could only pour the mineral water they carried into the engine cover to put out the fire. The effect was negligible." Xiamingxin said. As the fire would explode at any time in the high temperature season, xiamingxin and caiyue immediately turned on the fire extinguisher and jointly aimed at the fire in the engine compartment. They put out the fire in less than 2 minutes. Because they were worried that there would be a resurgence of fire in the high temperature season, xiamingxin took the fire extinguisher and sprayed dry powder on the body around the private car to ensure that there was no hidden danger of resurgence

according to the private car owner, the spontaneous combustion of the car was caused by the aging and heating of the line. Fortunately, the enthusiastic bus driver put it out in time and saved the loss for himself. "The company regularly organizes safety knowledge training, including the use of fire extinguishers, emergency disposal of vehicle fires, etc. in such cases, the fire must be controlled in time and the open fire must be eliminated in order to avoid greater losses." Xiamingxin said that seeing that the fire was completely extinguished, xiamingxin and caiyue simply slapped the dry powder on their hands and bodies, and immediately returned to continue operation. (zhoujianliang, correspondent songxiaorui, yiyanfei, wangzhengyu, fengjianxia)

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