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The unveiling ceremony of RIGOL Co Construction Innovation Laboratory of Beijing University of technology was held on October 12, the unveiling ceremony of Beijing University of technology RIGOL co construction innovation laboratory was held in Zhixing building of Beijing University of technology. President guoguangsheng and Wang Yue, an alumnus of our university and President of Beijing Puyuan Jingdian Co., Ltd. (RIGOL), jointly inaugurated the "Beijing University of technology - RIGOL innovation laboratory". The unveiling ceremony was presided over by Vice President jiangyijian

Beijing Puyuan Jingdian Technology Co., Ltd., founded by three alumni of the 98th Beijing University of technology, Wang Yue, Li Weisen and Wang Tiejun, is currently a leading enterprise in the testing and measurement industry. In order to give back to the vigorous training of the University and provide a platform for the development of innovation ability for the students of Beijing University of technology, the company has jointly built this innovation laboratory with Beijing University of technology. Note: for experiments under low temperature, the laboratory has invested 69 sets of relevant equipment, with a total value of 1.249 million yuan. As a laboratory for excitation and application testing of modern digital transmitters, it mainly carries out relevant experiments around the excitation and application testing of digital transmitters. It has a variety of testing and measuring instruments, including low-frequency oscilloscope, high-frequency oscilloscope, digital signal source, desktop digital multimeter, spectrum analyzer, programmable linear DC power supply, RF transmitter and other electronic instruments and equipment. The laboratory can practice a number of basic RF experiments, providing students who like innovation and are keen on hands-on development with opportunities for learning and practice

at the unveiling ceremony, President guoguangsheng, on behalf of the Party committee of the University and all the teachers and students of the University, warmly welcomed the three alumni of RIGOL to participate in the 50th anniversary celebration activities, and expressed heartfelt thanks to them for their warm care for their alma mater and co building innovative experiments with their alma mater. 2.6 the upper plane of the clapboard and the end plate should be flush with the room. President Guo said that the implementation of the innovation laboratory has provided better learning and practice opportunities for our students; The innovation laboratory is not only a good platform for students' innovation practice, but also an important window to show the style of alumni of the University of technology. It is also a demonstration education base to encourage students to study hard, be brave in innovation, work hard and aspire to success. President Guo pointed out that alumni are the special resources and the most reliable support force for the development of his alma mater. Alumni care and his alma mater prospers. I hope that all alumni will continue to care and support his alma mater and offer advice for the development of his alma mater. President Guo finally put forward three hopes: he hoped that the relevant departments of the university could manage and use the co construction innovation laboratory well, and that the students of the university could take the initiative to enter the innovation practice, generally, they could do multiple testing laboratories to carry out innovation practice activities, so as to give full play to the maximum efficiency of the innovation laboratory; It is hoped that through the cooperation of Co Construction of innovation laboratories, the students who have been in the mass supply of Chinalco Luoyang copper will have the opportunity to participate in the research and development of new products of RIGOL; It is hoped that the equipment of the co construction innovation laboratory can be constantly updated, so that the co construction innovation laboratory can become a display platform for new products of RIGOL

wangyue, President of RIGOL, said that "those who drink will cherish their source, and those who succeed in learning will read my teacher". Twelve years after graduation, RIGOL people returned to the school with their own scientific research achievements to repay the cultivation of their alma mater. "Beijing University of technology RIGOL co construction innovation laboratory" is just another answer paper that RIGOL people handed over to their alma mater

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