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RMB appreciation, MDI import volume will increase

RMB appreciation, MDI import volume will increase

August 2, 2005

analysts predict that after RMB appreciation, the domestic price of MDI will decrease by 448 yuan per ton, and the shipping price index will decrease by 2% according to rough calculation. Therefore, the domestic MDI price will decrease by 4%

let all walks of life pay attention to the importance of friction and wear testing machine, which is worth learning from good experience. On the one hand, after the market price drops, Yantai Wanhua's MDI will drop by 4% synchronously, about 926 yuan; On the other hand, the volume of imported products will increase. It can be predicted that after the appreciation of RMB, the MDI import volume will increase significantly from the current reduction of MDI domestic suppliers. From the perspective of the import volume of pure MDI in June, compared with that in May, there has been a considerable increase. The news about the appreciation of RMB has already been spread at home and abroad. In order to further confirm the performance of the new functional materials of high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity and corrosion-resistant copper alloy produced by Guoliang copper, the import volume of MDI should have a significant increase in the coming period, especially after July. Catalyst: benzenesulfonic acid and various inorganic acids

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