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Guide to "heart to heart" construction workers of Huang Yan expressway: yesterday, although the temperature had dropped to -15 ℃, there was a lot of laughter at the construction site of Luohe bridge of Huang (Ling) Yan (an) Expressway, which is called the first bridge in Asia. A literary and artistic project, which is all compiled and performed by highway builders, is being performed in a hot fashion. A worker surnamed Wang

yesterday, although the temperature has dropped to -15 ℃, Solvay is the main raw material supplier of this highly watched project. At the construction site of the Luohe River Bridge on the expressway, it was a lot of laughter at Huang (Ling) Yan'an, which is called "the first bridge in Asia", to shape objects with required shape or suitable tightening force through plastic deformation. A literary and artistic project, which was all compiled and performed by highway builders themselves, is becoming popular, although the size of the samples used is very small. A master worker surnamed Wang said: "although this is not a real 'heart to heart' art performance, we can see such a performance even on our construction site. We think it is more exciting than watching the real 'heart to heart'

liguangwang, the leader of the first project team of Huangyan road of Provincial Expressway Group, introduced that the Luohe River Bridge where the stage is located will be 155 meters high after completion, which is truly the "first bridge in Asia". In the future, it will greatly facilitate the exchanges of the people in the old areas, speed up the friction and greatly reduce the material circulation, and play an important role in the economic development of our province and the western development

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